VIXEN – Tangerine (third album) Out of Print

VIXEN - Tangerine (third album) Out of Print full

As requested, here’s ”Tangerine”, the third album by female melodic rockers VIXEN. It was recorded without contributions from Jan Kuehnemund and Share Ross, then going by the name Share Pedersen. The line-up for this album consisted of Janet Gardner, Gina Stile, and Roxy Petrucci.
”Tangerine” has a different sound from the music of the previous albums of the band, much more ’90s but not grunge at all. Gone are the fluffy keyboards anf layered vocals, in favor for a rawer, gritty approach.
Perhaps many will miss VIXEN’s original sound, but what hasn’t changed here is the quality songwriting – as good as ever. This is the only album to have Stile as Vixen guitarist, and the final studio release to feature Gardner as vocalist-guitarist.


01 – Page
02 – Tangerine
03 – Never Say Never
04 – Peace
05 – Barely Breathin’
06 – Bleed
07 – Stay
08 – Shut Up
09 – Machine
10 – Air Balloon
11 – Can’t Control Myself
12 – Swatting Flies In Wanker County

Janet Gardner – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Gina Stile – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Roxy Petrucci – drums, backing vocals
Mike Pisculli – bass


Out of Print

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