STAMPEDE – Hurricane Town +4 [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

STAMPEDE - Hurricane Town +4 [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] full

As requested, here’s the Rock Candy remastered reissue of cult classic STAMPEDE album “Hurricane Town” (1983), including 4 bonus tracks. Back in the NWOBHM era, there were a few bands valiantly trying to be a little radio-friendly. One was called Def Leppard, but there was also Shy, Chrome Molly, and at the heavier end, Wildfire and Glaswegians Heavy Pettin’.
Stampede nestled in amongst them, but had an appealing ‘70s guitarishness to their pompy hard rock, courtesy of the band’s standout talent axe seducer Laurence Archer, who would play craps for UFO and Phil Lynott’s Grand Slam.
”Hurricane Town” is the band’s second album, sporting a crisp melodic production all over catchy rockers sung by Laurence’s stepdad Reuben Archer.

Emerging from the new wave of the British heavy metal scene of the early ’80s, London based quartet Stampede acquired a loyal and fervent following and in 1982, a major label contract with Polydor.
Fronted by vocalist Rueben Archer and son-in-law guitarist Lawrence Archer, the band garnered acclaim for a volatile mixture of energetic heavy rock and an ear for both melody and precision. Lawrence in particular, earned great acclaim for his innovative and exciting guitar playing (he would later form Grand Slam with Phil Lynott).

Issued in 1983, ”Hurricane Town” propelled the band to the forefront of the hard rock battlefield earning welcome comparisons to other great British institutions such as UFO, Thin Lizzy, Saxon and Iron Maiden.
This remastered edition features very cool bonuses, from steely, electric pre-Stampede band LAUTREC, songs only released on a rare vinyl EP.
Highly Recommended


01 – I’ve Been Told
02 – Love Letters
03 – Casino Lunkie
04 – The Other Side
05 – Turning In Circles
06 – Hurricane Town
07 – Girl
08 – The Runner
09 – Mexico
10 – Midnight At The Moulin Rouge
11 – Red Light Ruby
12 – Mean Gasoline
13 – Shoot Out The Lights

Lead Vocals – Reuben Archer
Guitar – Laurence Archer
Bass, Vocals – Colin Bond
Drums, Percussion – Eddie Parsons
Keyboards – Mark Stanway


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