NO SHAME – Good Girls Don’t Last [Metal Works Headbangers Series remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

NO SHAME - Good Girls Don't Last [Metal Works Headbangers Series remastered] *EXCLUSIVE* full

This was request here: the remastered reissue of NO SHAME rockin’ album ”Good Girls Don’t Last” as part of the Columbia Collectables “Metal Works Headbangers Series”.
NO SHAME was some kind of an English answer to VIXEN, an all-girl melodic hard rock combo armed with catchy songs & melodies. However NO SHAME were more rocking, badass attitude, and ”Good Girls Don’t Last” rocks great for sure.
This reissue sounds million miles better than the original – out of print – original flat CD version.

Fronted by the smokin’ Jakki Lynn, and including guitarist Tina Listo (real name Tina Wood who later joined PHAMTOM BLUE), drummer Stephanie ‘Leigh’ Shroeder (later in RON KEEL’s Band), and bass player Martie Roxan, the band only managed to release this album but one plenty of catchy songs in the American style of the genre, and should not be overlooked.

Legendary producer Ric Browde found four anonymous girls in London and tried to recreate the magic that he shaped with POISON’s first album. And they did it.
”Good Girls Don’t Last” is a fun collection collection of female fronted glam metal, and while the aim here was to capitalize the success of HEART, VIXEN, etc, on some songs these girls rock hard as well akin LA GUNS, POISON, etc.
Highly Recommended

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01. No Shame
02. East Of Eden
03. Cheater
04. Good Girls Don’t Last
05. It Could Be You
06. Wild Wild Life
07. I Wanna Scream
08. You’re So Cool
09. A Hard Man Is Good To Find
10. Sweet Revenge

Jacqui Lynn – vocals
Tina Listo – guitar
Martie Roxan – bass
Stephanie Leigh – drums



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