THE THROBS – Proud To Be Loud [1st album 1986 / 0dayrox vinyl rip]

THE THROBS - Proud To Be Loud [1st album 1986 / 0dayrox vinyl rip] full

With the Rock Candy remaster of THE THROBS‘ major label album featured here, some of you asked for the band’s first record “Proud To Be Loud“, appeared in 1986.
Now very rare, this was a limited 500 copies – vinyl only – press via Precision Records. This was the time when the band rocked in their native Canada before moving to USA.
Musically, they were much more raw, with a glam punky sleazy sound which was instantly adored by headbangers for their adrenaline charged, wasted tunes like “Nuclear Attack”, “I Do What I Want” and “Here Comes The Night”.
Almost impossible to find vinyl, ripped by the 0dayrox team.

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Here Comes The Night
02 – She’s So Pretty
03 – Everybody’s Gonna Have A Real Good Time
04 – I’ll Do What I Want
05 – Oh Love
06 – Nuclear Attack
07 – I Was Gonna

Ron Sweetheart Collie – lead vocals
Jeff Campbell – guitar, vocals
Michael Lotimer – bass, vocals
Peter Lotimer – drums, vocals


Out of print

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