THE SAMURAI OF PROG – The Lady And The Lion (2021)

THE SAMURAI OF PROG - The Lady And The Lion (2021) full

The creation of Italian-born but Finland based songwriter / bass player Marco Bernard, THE SAMURAI OF PROG have become known in progressive rock circles for their melodic neo prog creations, which feature lush and varied keyboard / guitar sounds, powerful picked bass guitar, dynamic drums, virtuosic violin and flute, and always mixed and mastered for audiophiles.
The Lady And The Lion” is their new album inspired by The Brothers Grimm fairy tales. This is the first part, with the second to be released late 2021. This benefits the run time to forty minutes, very accessible for the regular listener.
“The Lady and the Lion” features a terrific array of talent, including Ton Scherpenzeel and Bart Schwertmann (Kayak), Cam Blokland (Southern Empire), Valerie Gracious (Phideaux), Alessandro Di Benedetti (Mad Crayon), Rafael Pacha (Last Knight), Jaime Rosas (Entrance), and many more.

“The Lady And The Lion” is lovingly-crafted new symphonic prog, rooted in the classics but looking forward. It’s pleny of melody, with some symphonic passages, strong vocals, and impressive instrumentation (the keyboard solos are stupendous).

The Samurai Of Prog are definitely a modern ‘Progressive Rock Enigma’. There is a uncanny ability among its members to celebrate progressive rocks’ past while appealing to a modern more current audience with more contemporary elements that make for their unique sound.
They also prove there is still a market for organic ‘uncompressed’ traditional progressive rock. Nothing ever seems forced to appease a record label or the industry whatsoever. They also have a intelligent awareness to incorporate newer elements that may attract a newer listener base.
Highly Recommended


1. Into the Woods
2. The Three Snake Leaves
3. Iron John
4. A Queen’s Wish
5. The Lady and the Lion
6. Blue Light

Marco Bernard / 4&8 string basses
Kimmo Porsti / drums, percussion
Steve Unruh / vocals, violins, flute, guitars
David Myers / grand piano
Octavio Stampalia / keyboards
Alessandro Di Benedetti / keyboards
Ton Scherpenzeel / keyboards
Jaime Rosas / keyboards
Carmine Capasso / guitar
Cam Blokland / guitar
Kari Riihimaki / guitar
Rafael Pacha / guitar
Valerie Gracious / vocals
Marcelo Ezcurra / vocals
Bart Schwertmann / vocals



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