KING COMPANY – Trapped (2021)

KING COMPANY - Trapped (2021) full

Finnish rockers KING COMPANY will release their 3rd album “Trapped” via AOR Heaven, a recording featuring new singer Ilkka Keskitalo. The band was formed in 2014 by drummer Mirka ”Leka” Rantanenb to fulfill his longtime dream of a melodic hard rock band with good friends and musicians. All come from pretty extreme metal sub-genres, but KING COMPANY is all about melodies and catchiness pretty much in the WHITESNAKE side of things.
For “Trapped”, KING COMPANY is now a full-Finnish band (there was an Italian singer previously) and let me tell you the new guy in the block Ilkka Keskitalo can sing for sure.
The melodic “Stephanie“ and “Fair Winds“ offer remarkable hit potential, while title track “Trapped In Heart“ on the other hand is quite faster, rockin’ with classic Hammond runs. And the last song “Stars Will Lead The Way“ will please the fans of true rock ballads.

In 2020 the first demos were sent to AOR Heaven and resulted in signing a fresh deal with them. The recordings took over one year in several sessions and all was mixed and mastered by Jesse Vainio (Sarah Brightman, Apocalyptica). A world class sound created by elite sound engineer Mr. Vainio makes the album a pleasant, stunning and energetic trip to the world of classic hard rock.
This new effort is well balanced and overall more rocking than the previous releases.


01 – I Will Be Here
02 – Trapped in Heart
03 – Stephanie
04 – Dangerous Tonight
05 – Death of Soul
06 – Screen Is Your Life
07 – Nothing for Free
08 – Fair Winds
09 – Cold Killing Game
10 – Nobodys Fool
11 – Stars Will Lead the Way

Ilkka Keskitalo – Vocals
Mirka Rantanen – Drums (Thunderstone, Kotipelto)
Antti Wirman – Guitars (Warmen, Children Of Bodom)
Time Schleifer – Bass (Enfarce)
Jari Pailamo – Keyboards (Kiuas)


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