VICE – Made For Pleasure [YesterRock remastered +2]

VICE - Made For Pleasure [YesterRock remastered +2] full

This request is a real pleasure to fulfill: “Made For Pleasure“, the first album by Germans VICE, fully remastered by YesterRock records plus two previously unreleased tracks added as bonus.

Back in 1988, VICE signed their first major deal with BMG-Ariola in Germany. They recorded the first album in Hanover mixed by the man of the moment: Michael Wagener.
The promotion and the collaboration with the record label was excellent, Vice entered the charts in Germany and played many shows all over Europe. Among others, Vice supported Bonfire on their first continental tour.

“Made For Pleasure” is made up of classic ’80s, catchy Melodic Hard Rock plenty of sharp riffage and hooks.
Indeed this is a guitar-driven album with emphasis on technical lead guitar work, mega-drumming (with that echoing toms), topped by melodic yet powerhouse vocals in the style of Paul Sabu in his band Only Child.

VICE - Made For Pleasure [Yesterrock remaster] booklet

Songs like “Bad Girl,” “Feel My Body” and “Last Day of War” are all standouts, “Red Light Night” has a marvelous chorus, while “Trouble In Paradise” is definitively a highlight in the melodious side.
“Running” is another kickin’ tune, “Rocking All Over The World” has some killer hooks, “Hot Summer Night Party” includes some lovely vintage keys, and “Sally” is the obligatory ballad, and a really good one in a typical German style for the genre.

Additionally, we have 2 previously unreleased tracks (“Circle” and “Angels Crying”) recorded in 1990 for a second album that it never was, when the band was getting a little harder and rougher. Solid stuff.

VICE - Made For Pleasure [Yesterrock remaster] back

Quite unknown by fans of the genre, in the second half of the ’80s Vice managed to deliver a first-class arena rock album with “Made For Pleasure”.

The record has been hugely benefited by this punchy YesterRock remaster. Overall we are looking at a surprisingly smooth stereo sound that allows you to enjoy all instruments with particular regard to the rhythm section and keyboards which are often undermined on early CD pressings.


01 – Feel My Body
02 – Last Day Of War
03 – Red Light Night
04 – Trouble In Paradise
05 – Bad Girl
06 – Made For Pleasure
07 – Running
08 – Rocking All Over The World
09 – Hot Summer Night Party
10 – Boys Got The Fever
11 – Sally
12 – Circle
13 – Angels Crying

Jan Ghiantinie – Vocals
Christian Limburg – Guitars
Jörg Hargesheimer – Guitars
Peter Juhre – Bass
Roland Schmidt – Drums
additional personnel:
Kalle Bösel – Hammond Organ
Robby Lutter – Keyboards
Edgar Patrik, Fritz Randow, Philip Candas – Drums



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