MALLET – History No.1 [2-CD Best Of] (2021)

MALLET - History No.1 [2-CD Best Of] (2021) full

MALLET is without of doubt one of the most underrated and unknown melodic hard rock acts the ’80s / early ’90s German factory. Their fun, catchy music was in the same league of BONFIRE, KARO, HOTWIRE, ROKO, CORACKO. The band never stopped despite the genre lose some popularity performing and releasing albums to this day.
Now 2021 MALLET is celebrating their 40th anniversary and are releasing ”History No.1′‘, a 2xCD ‘best of’ including songs from all the band eras. You have 26 songs from their 12 records, all remastered and hand-picked by fans.
There are many rockers like ‘Everybody Needs Somebody’ or ‘Rock ’N’ Roll Hero’, slightly poppy AORish tunes such as ‘On My Way’, up to beautiful ballads like ‘Shine On’ or midtempo ‘Tomorrow’ (play videos below).
This release is a nice opportunity to discover MALLET, especially their early material now properly remastered.
Highly Recommended




CD 1:
01 – Everybody Needs Somebody
02 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Hero
03 – Million Dollar Babe
04 – Shine On
05 – On My Way
06 – Fantasy Is What We Need Today
07 – Lonely Without You
08 – Tomorrow
09 – Jackass
10 – Mr. Boogie
11 – Cruisin’ Cowboy
12 – What’s the Difference
13 – Sail Away

CD 2:
01 – Roll Mallet Roll
02 – Don’t Want to Be Loved by You
03 – Follow the River
04 – Into the Fire
05 – In My Dream
06 – King Kong
07 – Heaven
08 – Flyin’ Like an Eagle
09 – Evil
10 – I’m Coming Home Tonight
11 – Machine Man
12 – Time for Your Life
13 – Midnight Lover

Jurgen Rehberg – vocals, guitar
Manfred Dunzl – bass
Simon Sobkowiak – guitar
Mario Gerhards, Rudi Dolsch – drums



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