WILDSTREET - III (2021) full

Many times delayed, finally 80s influenced rockers WILDSTREET are back with another blistering collection of tracks in the form of their new album ‘III‘. Musically, this is classic WILDSTREET Glam Metal / Sleazy Rock mix with the Eighties spirit at it’s best.
From the grimy ‘Tennessee Cocaine’ to the closing ‘Mother’, this group is rocking to the hilt serving that gritty, but well dressed feel that reminds me of L.A. Guns and KIX. Big riffs, melodies and grooves that keep you feeling like you’re down in the dirt and ready to rock out. Yes, they deliver.

Right from the off you are propelled into this bitchin’ riff-tastic world of filthy 80s Hard Rock, gnarly-gritty guitars against a backbone of wha-infested lead work and a melodic undertone that just bites you right on the ass.
Each track has its anthemic-like singalong chorus so you can warble at the top of your lungs at your heart’s content. Big hair and big personalities are the name of the game here, balls-out songwriting that makes no apologies and takes no prisoners you’ll be feeling filthy by the end of the first track.

Gimme more you say? You are naughty …. Hot Tub Time Machine at the ready you’ll be partying with your very own gaggle of “Band Aid’s if you’re cranking this album out at 10, Stacey’s mom will be running down the street with her bikini in hand looking to be part of the action.

Jimmy Marlowe and Dom light up the guitars with nasty rhythms that swirl around and keep the songs rooted in the grime. Nice and sick. Eric Jayk on vocals is nice and melodious. I’d change one thing about the whole thing if I could. Eric is a very good singer for this genre.
This album is like stepping back in time, denim jackets and band patches and the stench of decaying pre-teen, pre-pubescent metalhead’s making out to the soundtrack of Wildstreet.
If you need an 80s fix and you need it bad, Wildstreet are the band for you, just remember kids, use protection.
Highly Recommended


01 – Tennessee Cocaine
02 – Three Way Ride
03 – Set It Off
04 – Still Love You
05 – Midnight Children
06 – Born to Be
07 – Raise Hell
08 – Mother

Aaron Joos – Guitar
Ali Hassan – Bass
Brian Beck – Drums
Eric Jayk – Lead Vocals



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