HUNTER – The Return (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

HUNTER - The Return (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* (2020) full

Metalapolis Records seem to dig up some long forgotten pearls and independent bands recently to give ’em the necessary push via a proper distribution to their records. Just like with German band HUNTER and their new album “The Return“, their first with the label.
This new CD marks HUNTER’s comeback after many years silent – the band released two well received LP’s “Sign Of The Hunter“ in 1985, and the 1987 “Keep The Change“.
So “The Return” is the proper title for this new album after more than three decades, and while now there’s a slightly different line-up, their classic hard rock sound remains intact.
Produced by expert in this genre Rolf Munkes, “The Return” captures the mid-Eighties feeling updated to modern times with a sharp mix / production sound.
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01 – Way To Nowhere
02 – Call Me What You Want
03 – Hell What A Woman
04 – Looking For Love
05 – Celebration Time
06 – The Wheels Turn On
07 – Talk Of The Town
08 – Wipe The Tears Away
09 – No Compromise
10 – My Life Is Digital
11 – Watch Out For Metal

Rusty Wayman | vocals
Steven Brandy | guitar
Jay Youngblood | guitar
T.H. Bongardinho | bass
Paul “Mosh” B. Herrmann | drums


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