LETCHEN GREY – Party Politics [digitally remastered +5] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

LETCHEN GREY - Party Politics [digitally remastered +5] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Specialized reissue label Lost Realm Records has just reissued “Party Politics“, the much sought after album from ’80s American hard rockers LETCHEN GREY, fully remastered and including 5 bonus tracks.
Originally released in 1986, LETCHEN GREY’s “Party Politics” is one of those examples of a hard rock and US metal cocktail with melody, similar to early DOKKEN, ANTIX, etc.
A product of this time, and mostly, of the local scene they were a part of: West Hollywood and the Sunset Strip-wave of hard rock/metal bands. The Roxx, Gazzarri’s, Troubadour were some of the venues the band used as its nocturnal dwelling.
The band started activities in 1982 with the name SEXIST and after some line-ups changes, they were finally able to record a five song mini-album, that stands out to this day for its songwriting quality.
The original vinyl edition is a favorite among collectors, contributing to that not only the music, but also the ‘sexy party-themed’ cover, very in vogue in the mid ’80s.

The bonus tracks on this reissue includes the demo SEXIST recorded in 1983 with a different singer, and while these four tracks are merely testimonial (sound quality isn’t the best), there’s a really worthy addition in the professionally recorded ‘Fire And Wind’ song the band contributed to the Metal Massacre III legendary compilation.
Highly Recommended

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Bring On The Night
02 – Playing With Fire
03 – Sexie Sadie
04 – Can’t Help It
05 – No Way Out
06 – Fire And Wind (Metal Massacre III version)
07 – Friday Night (Sexist Demo)
08 – The Jet Stream (Sexist Demo)
09 – Slice of Life (Sexist Demo)
10 – Fire & Wind (Sexist Demo version)

Robert Sykes – Vocals
Mark Andersen – Guitars
Rick Asevo – Bass
Robbie Blackmore – Drums
Dan Mateik – Vocals (6-10)
Doug Pittam (R.I.P. 2019) – Guitar (6-10)
Mike Zaputil – Bass (6-10)



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  1. Joe says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!! Thank you to infinity and beyond for getting this one!! I talked with the drummer some years back on MySpace.

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