HOOTENANNY FREAKS – Eyes Of The Warrior (2021)

HOOTENANNY FREAKS - Eyes Of The Warrior (2021) full

While formed more than three decades ago in 1987, Finland’s HOOTENANNY FREAKS are releasing today their second full length album entitled “Eyes Of The Warrior“. The band released 2 EP’s during their thirty years of existence but never were able to get a stable line up due the member’s different projects.
However, the current 5-piece have been together since 2016, and since they solidified the band’s sound & style strongly influenced by ’80s / early ’90s melodic hard rock.

There’s fully keyboard sliced AORish tunes with some H.E.A.T / BROTHER FIRETRIBE touches, then we find more metallic songs remembering OZZY Zakk Wylde’s era, others with a bluesy feel akin BURNING RAIN, and HOOTENANNY FREAKS show additional variation with a piano ballad at the end.
A solid, promising ‘new’ band from the evergreen Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock scene.



01 – Down to Drain
02 – Night Train
03 – Eyes of the Warrior
04 – Girl on Fire
05 – Are You Ready
06 – Shadows in Paradise
07 – Isolation
08 – I Don’t Care
09 – Die Happy
10 – Gone

Pepe Tamminen (vocals)
Esko Kemell (guitar)
Aapo Häyrinen (guitar, keyboards)
Marko Leino (bass)
Marko Kuurne (drums)



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