TesseracT – P O R T A L S (2021)

TesseracT - P O R T A L S (2021) full

In December 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, TesseracT created the magnificent P O R T A L S, a cinematic live experience like no other that took livestreams to a new level by interspersing a conceptual storyline with live performances that featured an arena-style light show.
TesseracT performed songs spanning their entire catalogue. Combining off-kilter riffs, soaring melodies and the band’s unique atmospherics, highlights included “Nocturne” off their 2010 debut EP Concealing Fate, and continued with “Eden” (One, 2011), “Of Matter” (Altered State, 2013), “Tourniquet” (Polaris, 2015), and “King” (Sonder, 2018), with the whole performance capturing 14 songs over 2+ hours. The show was a phenomenal success and garnered praise from fans and media worldwide.
Now this amazing performance is being released, confirming TesseracT is one of the best outfits out there.


Disc One:
01 – Of Matter (P O R T A L S)
02 – King (P O R T A L S)
03 – Concealing Fate Parts 1, 2 & 3 (P O R T A L S)
04 – Tourniquet (P O R T A L S)
05 – Beneath My Skin / Mirror Image (P O R T A L S)
06 – Orbital (P O R T A L S)
07 – Juno (P O R T A L S)

Disc Two:
01 – Cages (P O R T A L S)
02 – Dystopia (P O R T A L S)
03 – Phoenix (P O R T A L S)
04 – Nocturne (P O R T A L S)
05 – Eden (P O R T A L S)
06 – Of Energy (P O R T A L S)
07 – Seven Names (P O R T A L S)

Dan Tompkins – Vocals
Acle Kahney – Guitars
James Monteith – Guitars
Jay Postones – Drums
Amos Williams – Bass


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