CROSSON – Live at the Orpheum (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

CROSSON - Live at the Orpheum (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Since showcasing their ’80s glam hard rock infused talents to the nation with their 2016 debut CD, Sydney rock outfit CROSSON have quickly established themselves as true entertainers of the Australian music scene and beyond. After three consistent studio albums it was time for a Live release: “Live at the Orpheum“.
The show as captured before the pandemic, and Jason Crosson said: “It wasn’t planned to release a live album, but because people can’t come to see us much because of COVID, so we’ll come to them.”
While there’s a lot of post-processing overdubs and a ‘glossy mix’, at the end this is a live album, and many songs sound better than the original studio versions. And there’s a couple of surprises into the track list.

Crosson hard rocking songs ‘Never Give Up’, ‘Invincible’ or ‘Spreading the Rock ‘n Roll Disease’ are strong, solid glammy-drama hairy metal numbers, and they get better room in this live setting to develop its arena-rock anthemic feel.
And the band does a very cool cover of Queen’s classic ‘We Will Rock You’ hair-metal arranged, and a theatrical version of ABBA’s ‘Money Money Money‘ for good effect. Both work well interspersed between the band’s own material.

”Live at the Orpheum” is an entertaining live album featuring Crosson’s best songs, and if you like that kind of ’80s live albums heavily post-processed in the studio (lots of layers!) this is for you.
Highly Recommended


01 – Banished (Live)
02 – Everyone’s a Star (Live)
03 – We Will Rock You (Live)
04 – Never Give Up (Live)
05 – I Wanna Be Japanese (Live)
06 – Invincible (Live)
07 – We All Need an Enemy (Live)
08 – Weak at the Knees (For a Hot Brunette!!) [Live]
09 – Money Money Money (Live)
10 – Broken (Live)
11 – Interlude / Band Introduction (Live)
12 – Spreading the Rock ‘n Roll Disease (Live)

Jason Crosson – lead vocals, guitar
Dave Ben Lee – guitar, vocals
Tory Giamba – bass, vocals
Kyle Barr – drums
Olivia Scanlan – backing vocals
Liberty Thirsk – backing vocals



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