JAGGED EDGE – Fuel For Your Soul + Trouble +10 [Bad Reputation 2xCD Remastered] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

JAGGED EDGE - Fuel For Your Soul + Trouble +10 [Bad Reputation 2xCD Remastered] (2021) full

As requested, here’s the Bad Reputation records digitally remastered 2-CD re-issue of JAGGED EDGE‘s two albums Fuel For Your Soul + Trouble plus 10 bonus tracks.
JAGGED EDGE first came together in 1987 masterminded by guitarist Mike Gray after his split from Dorian Gray. After a few different line-up and demos, Myke Gray retained the Jagged Edge name and linked up with Sanctuary management. Gray recruited Italian drummer Fabio del Rio (Bruce Dickinson) and ex-Tokyo Blade bassist Andy Robbins plus Swedish singer Matti Alfonzetti (Bam Bam Boys, Skintrade).
They first released a five track EP “Trouble” in 1990 followed by their full debut “Fuel For Your Soul” in the same year. The debut album (produced by Jeff Glixman of Kansas fame) is a clear winner for fans of Whitesnake and early Thunder.

JAGGED EDGE was formed in the ’80s by guitarist Myke Gray, only found a stable line up at the end of the decade when they recorded the 2-track EP “Trouble”.
Here is presented on CD 2 with the addition of 8 bonus tracks; 4 studio tracks from the same sessions, and 4 captured live with a very good sound quality. All these are carefully written, arranged and performed classic melodic hard rock songs, where Alfonzetti’s voice shine and there’s a very good guitar work, quite raw ans straight from the amp.

Then full length ”Fuel For The Soul” is a much more ‘bigger’ production, with a huge polished US production sound typically from the 1990-1991 years. It’s a really complete album including fiery bluesy rockers, midtempo AORish tunes, and a power semi-ballad in the title track.

As usual, the Bad reputation release is excellent compiling all the JAGGED EDGE (wich later changed to JAGGED EDGE UK as there was a US rap band with that name) material from the era, fully remastered.
HIGHLY Recommended

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Disc I : Fuel For Your Soul +2
01 – Liar
02 – Out In The Cold
03 – You Don’t Love Me
04 – Hell Ain’t A Long Way
05 – Smooth Operator
06 – Sweet Lorraine
07 – Fuel For Your Soul
08 – Law Of The Land
09 – Loving You Too Long
10 – All Thru The Night
11 – Money Talking
12 – Burnin’ Up


Disc II : Trouble +8
01 – Trouble
02 – You Don’t Love Me
03 – Rosie Rosie
04 – Crash and Burn
05 – Good Golly Miss Molly
06 – Rock The Nation
07 – Don’t Force Your Love On Me
08 – Fire And Water
09 – Resurrect
10 – Rosie Rosie (Live)
11 – All Thru The Night (Live)
12 – Life In The East Lane (Live)
13 – Out In The Cold (Live)

Matti Alfonzetti – lead vocals
Myke Gray – guitar
Andy Robbins – bass, backing vocals
Fabio Del Rio – drums



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  1. Scupp says:

    Powerful album!

  2. DDT says:

    A little late, but thanks ! (great sound on this remaster)

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