SPLINTER – Filthy Pleasures (2021)

SPLINTER - Filthy Pleasures (2021) full

Filthy Pleasures” is the debut album from Dutch hard rockers SPLINTER, however the band members aren’t newcomers at all with singer/guitarist Douwe Truijens having played in band like Death Alley / Gearmed Beton, bassist Sander Bus (ex-Death Alley too), drummer Barry van Esbroek (ex-Vanderbuyst) and keyboardist Gertjan Gutman (Birth Of Joy).
While the music of Splinter is inspired by classic Seventies / Eighties hard rock driven by strong guitar riffs and prominent Hammond organ runs, everything sounds fresh and energetic.

The result is impressive, ten songs in just over half an hour, straight to the point rockers. Fast, uptempo songs such as ‘Hurt’, ‘Bitter Sounds’ and ‘Robothell’ are alternated with quieter tracks such as the intimate ‘Splintermission’. ‘Hold My Leash’ is a nice catchy melodic song showcasing how good Douwe Truijens is at the mic, and in ‘Plastic Rose’ there is a leading role for the Hammond parts.

‘Read My Mind’ is another fine uptempo rocker and ‘Something Else’ convinces with a well crafted melody. The Dutch even manage a half-ballad like ‘Take No More’ in the second half of the disc, while the bouncer ‘Brand New Future’ pulls out all the rocking stops, a big highlight from this debut album.

With “Filthy Pleasures” Splinter successfully mix the old with thew new, classic hard rock with nice melodies and cool arrangements. Thanks to the prominent Hammond organ presence they have a distinctive unique selling point compared to the numerous competitors from the current scene.
Highly Recommended


01 – Robothell
02 – Bitter Sounds
03 – Hold My Leash
04 – Splintermission
05 – Plastic Rose
06 – Read My Mind
07 – Something Else
08 – Take No More
09 – Hurt
10 – Brand New Future

Douwe Truijens – vocals, guitar
Sander Bus – bass
Barry van Esbroek – drums
Gertjan Gutman – keyboards, Hammond B3



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