KAASIN – Fired Up (2021)

KAASIN - Fired Up (2021) full

Fired Up” is the debut album from Hard Rock band KAASIN, founded by Norwegian guitarist Jo Henning Kaasin who all over more than a 20-year career has recorded / collaborated with Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes, Doogie White, Bernie Marsden, and more.
For his new band Kaasin recruited his cousin, Stalke Kaasin (members of melodic rockers 20-20 Vision) to handle bass, and Jan Thorne Grefstad, known for his incredible vocal duties with Saint Deamon, Highland Glory and TNT. Also joining are Benjamin Dehli on hammond organ and Chris Brushon drums.
Musically ”Fired Up” is inspired by classic melodic hard rock in the tradition of the great bands from the Seventies and early Eighties served with an organic melodic sound.

Kicking things off with the fiery rocker “We Are One”, Kaasin sets the tone and establishes a marvelous 70-inspired hard rock aura. The tasty riffs and infectious vocal melodies complement each other superbly and those warm-sounding keyboards add just the right amount of texture and atmospherics to the proceedings.

The bluesy vibes and massive grooves that permeate the record recall early Whitesnake while some of the heavier and more epic parts of “Fired Up” bring to mind Rainbow in their 70s heyday and also the underrated “Stranger in Us All” LP (1995).
The mellow passages are tinged with a sense of longing and heartache, and singer Jan Thore Grefstad handles both the ballads and the huge, barnstorming rockers with verve and vigor. There’s an overall feeling of enthusiasm that is ever-present on the disc, robust and elegantly crafted compositions.

“Fired Up” is full of terrific tunes that are explosive and overflowing with energy but never forgetting timeless melodies and meaty hooks. It may be heavily inspired by the giants and legends of old but by no means is it merely a salute to the greatest of times; Kaasin possess a style and identity of their own and deliver the goods and do so in a powerful, convincing manner.
A fabulous combination of catchiness and class that fans of Rainbow, Whitesnake, Deep Purple and the likes ought to make a serious note of.
Highly Recommended


01 – We Are One
02 – Hidden
03 – The Smoking Gun
04 – Carry On
05 – Shades of Yesterday
06 – Walking Downwards
07 – Chain of Love
08 – Wrong
09 – Inside Out

Jo Henning Kaasin – guitar
Jan Thore Grefstad – vocals
Staale Kaasin – bass
Benjamin Dehli – organ, keyboards
Chris Brush – drums



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