LYNX (Ger) – Watcher Of Skies (2021)

LYNX (Ger) - Watcher Of Skies (2021) full

There’s has been many rock-related bands named LYNX over the years – and currently a very good one melodic hard rock – but mow we have another one: formed in 2020 this LYNX hails from Germany and are releasing their debut album “Watcher Of Skies“.
There’s a lot to love here: since the intriguing cover artwork design you know this is a ’70s and ’80s inspired album, and indeed LYNX play hard rock / traditional metal with a sound reminiscent of 1978 to 1982, ranging from Scorpions and Praying Mantis to Boston and even some Styx.
And they are darn good recreating the atmosphere of that era, from songwriting and arrangements to the lovely old-school production…


01 – Miscovery
02 – Grey Man
03 – Lynx
04 – Savage Mountain
05 – Eternity’s Hall
06 – Odyssey
07 – Heartbreak City
08 – Beyond The Infinite
09 – Dark Shadows Rising
10 – Watcher Of Skies

Marvin Kiefer – Vocals, Guitar
Tim Künz – Guitar, Synthesizer
Phil Helm – Bass
Franz Fesel – Drums


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