MARCIE FREE – Say It Like You Mean It (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

MARCIE FREE - Say It Like You Mean It (2021) full

MARCIE FREE is releasing today ”Say It Like You Mean It”, a new song recorded 2021 and composed by ’80s legendary songwriter Robin Randall and Bill LaFleur, with talented Jeff Silverman (Jimi Jamison) among the session musicians.
According to Robin Randall; “this song started with a clothing ad I got in an email, subject line “Say It Like You Mean It”, which has nothing to do with clothing or fashion, but I thought it would make a good title. I gave it to Bill who happened to be watching a film called “The Mephisto Waltz” and got a lyric inspiration from that. The music came pretty quick after, and I showed it to Bill and we both worked it out at the piano. Actions speak louder than words.”


“Say It Like You Mean It”
Vocals – Marcie Free
Bass, Guitars, Piano, Strings – Bill LaFleur
Keys, Synths – Jeff Silverman
Drums – Nate Morton


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