MARCIE FREE – Tormented +3 Unreleased [ Records reissue]

MARCIE FREE - Tormented +3 Unreleased [ Records reissue] full

As requested by many, here’s Mark Free/ MARCIE FREE solo album “Tormented“, but in its reissue done by Marcie herself via his own label Records, including 3 collectible previously unreleased tracks and new artwork.
This was a very limited press not sold at stores, a mega-rarity / collectors item.
“Tormented” is Marcie Free / Mark Free 2nd official solo album. It was released originally only released in Germany and Japan back in the mid 90’s with 2 different covers. Later Marcie re-released it with this different cover pictured here. All 3 versions are now OUT OF PRINT, and hard to find, this one being sold for over $200.
Musically the sound & style of “Tormented” is pretty similar to UNRULY CHILD first, self-titled CD.

Indeed, ”Tormented” is pretty much a re-branded ‘Unruly Child’ album, all the tracks were written by Marcie Free / Bruce Gowdy / Guy Allison / Jay Schellen / Larry Antonino, with one co-write with Ricky Phillips.
Actually, a few of the tracks were recorded during the same sessions as the first Unruly Child record, among those the magnificent “Forever”. Favorite tracks besides “Forever” are “Still Believe”, “The Devil Knows Your Name”, “Falling”, “Standing On The Wrong Side Of Love” and “The Damage Is Right”.
Highly Recommended


01 – Talk To Myself
02 – The Devil Knows Your Name
03 – Forever
04 – Standing On The Wrong Side Of Love
05 – Falling
06 – High And Dry
07 – Get It Right
08 – The Damage Is Done
09 – Tormented
10 – Unruly Child
11 – Still Believe
12 – True Love
13 – Down The Road
14 – Undefeated

Vocals – Marcie Free
Guitar – Bruce Gowdy
Bass – Larry Antonino, Ricky Phillips
Drums – Jay Schellen
Keyboards – Guy Allison


Out Of Print

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