USA – USA ’82 (Digitally Remastered)

USA - USA (Digitally Remastered) full

As requested, here’s the 1982’s self-titled album from the short-lived band named USA. A rarity from the legendary Philly World Records label, the LP has become something of a collector’s item in melodic hard rock circles around the globe.
USA features talented lead vocalist Larry Baud, whom went on to front the incredible AOR bands NETWORK and RED DAWN with keyboardist David Rosenthal. The music is a mix of early ’80s Pomp AOR with radio-ready pop-rock melodies and choruses, just the way we like it. There’s some TRILLION, PREVIEW, ROADMASTER, NEW ENGLAND, etc here.
Produced by renowned Philadelphia based Michael Forte & Bruce Weeden, this obscure, hard to find full length album is finally available in the digital domain for the first time, newly remastered.

Wonderful keyboards – performed by Baud as well – swirl all over commercial opener ‘I Love You’, a midpaced AOR tune with that 1982 magic. ‘The One Who Really Loved You’ has a strong NEW ENGLAND feeling pumped by a big bass line, while ‘Come Back Baby’ takes some JOURNEY-esque atmospheres, again plenty of keys and Baud’s solid tenor vocals.
USA rocks harder on the riff driven tunes ‘Hard Life’ and ‘Last Song’, however numbers like the pompous ballad ‘Alone In The World’ (some STYX here) and highlight ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind’ confirms USA’s focus was melody.

“USA” is a very cool, nice example of American first half of the ’80s Pomp AOR with strong songs and performances. Remaster is clear considering the original tapes were lost and while there’s some small residual rumble on some tracks the sound quality is fine.
Pomp rules… Highly Recommended


01 – I Love You
02 – Hard Life
03 – The One Who Really Loved You
04 – Come Back Baby
05 – Alone In The World
06 – Teenage Rock ‘N Roller
07 – Last Song
08 – Ya Think This Is Love (Just Wait)
09 – Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind
10 – She Said No

Larry Baud – vocals, keyboards
Rod Margolis – guitars, vocals
Preston Tiley – bass, vocals
Zuff – drums



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