AXE – The Albums 1979-1983 [4xCD Box Set + bonus tracks] (2022)

AXE - The Albums 1979-1983 [4xCD Box Set + bonus tracks] (2022) full

They toured with the best – from Iron Maiden to Scorpions to KISS to Mötley Crüe – at the height of those bands’ popularity, electrifying stadium-sized audiences with the fierce determination and fiery spirit of a rock & roll underdog. Signed to MCA Records, they built a cult following on the strength of their superb studio albums, beginning with the classic 1979 self-titled album.
They are AXE and although they seem to fly under the radar of mainstream audiences, the band continues to be rediscovered by new generations of classic rock fans.
Now 2022, this deluxe 4CD box set “The Albums 1979-1983” seeks to re-introduce the band to young music fans, collecting the ‘79 debut ‘Axe’ and the subsequent albums they released before a long 13-year hiatus. Those LP’s include the slickly produced ‘Living On The Edge’ (1980), the 1982 album ‘Offering’ (including a bonus live recording from its tour) that spawned the band’s best-known song “Rock ‘N’ Roll Party In The Streets” , and 1983’s ‘Nemesis’, which was the last to be released with founding guitarist Michael Osborne who was tragically killed in a car accident shortly following the album’s release.
A Limited Edition Box Set only available on physical format. (thanks to Monroy for this one).
Highly Recommended


DISC 1: AXE (1979)
1. Life’s Just An Illusion
2. Hang On
3. Sympathize
4. How Come I Love You
5. Forever
6. Back On The Streets
7. Doin’ The Best I Can
8. You’re Out Of Line
9. Battles

1. Living On The Edge
2. Fantasy Of Love
3. First Time, Last Time
4. Carry On
5. Running The Gaunlet
6. I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)
7. Just Walk Away
8. Let Me Know
9. Save Our Love
10. For A Little While

1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Party In The Streets
2. Video Inspiration
3. Steal Another Fantasy
4. Jennifer
5. I Got The Fire
6. Burn The City Down
7. Now or Never
8. Holdin’ On
9. Silent Soldiers
BONUS TRACKS – Live In Dallas 1982
10. Holdin’ On
11. Running The Gauntlet
12. Steal Another Fantasy
13. Jennifer
14. Silent Soldiers
15. Rock ‘n’ Roll Party In The Streets

DISC 4: NEMESIS (1983)
1. Heat in The Street
2. Young Hearts
3. All Through The Night
4. I Think You’ll Remember Tonight
5. She’s Had The Power
6. Girls, Girls, Girls
7. Eagle Flies Alone
8. Keep Playin’ That Rock ‘N’ Roll
9. Foolin’ Your Mama Again
10. Let The Music Come Back
11. Masquerade

Bobby Barth (guitar, lead vocals)
Mike Osbourne (guitar, vocals)
Edgar Riley (keyboards, vocals)
Mike Turpin (bass)
Teddy Mueller (drums)



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  1. zmjazzrock says:

    Thank you so much for share. Really cool band from a really cool era. Really appreciated. Regards from Brazil.

  2. Örjan says:

    Hey! Shooting Star … Are there any reissues on all of their records? Put them on my wish list …

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