MARK FREE – Judithe & Robin Randall demos (0dayrox compilation)

MARK FREE - Judithe & Robin Randall demos (0dayrox compilation) full

So here we go with the request by many, MARK FREE‘s recordings as ‘hired voice’ for songwriters Judithe & Robin Randall. Most of these tracks were recorded at the time between Mark left King Kobra and formed Signal: ’87/ ’88 / ’89.
Free was working as a driver for a courier service in L.A. and in the meantime he met songwriters Judithe and Robin Randall. Once they hired Mark to sing their demos, they started telling all their other writer friends in California about his vocal duties and the phone started ringing.
“I needed the money really bad so I started singing demos for people. It really helped me to develop further my ability to sing in the studio and I was being paid for it”, said Free.

All the songs into this compilation revolve around classic US 80s AOR and rock&pop with melody, demonstrating the diversity, ductility and amplitude of Mark Free as performer. You also can hear on some tracks Robin Randall’s own voice – and the great Diana DeWitt too – doing backing vocals.

There’s some extra material too (all AOR), such as “Your Wild Ways”, the first song Mark Free ever sang for the Canadian songwriting team David Tyson / Christopher Ward.
The sound quality is pretty good, and Free’s golden vocals are perfectly heard.
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01 – Naked Desire
02 – Say The Word
03 – Secrets
04 – Too Late For Love
05 – So Many Women
06 – One More Second Chance
07 – One Good Reason
08 – Undefeated
09 – Turn Your Head Around
10 – Goodbye To The Good Times
11 – True Love
12 – Your Wild Ways
13 – Down The Road


only at 0dayrox

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