PHIL KOUBEK PROJECT – I’m Your Rock Star (2021)

PHIL KOUBEK PROJECT - I'm Your Rock Star (2021) full

PHIL KOUBEK PROJECT was founded by vocalist, guitarist & songwriter of the same name, an experienced musician previously involved into many bands. Taking a look at the cover of the new album “I’m Your Rock Star” you instantly guess what this is all about, classic hard rock / classic rock inspired by the Seventies and the Eighties.
Its title speaks for itself; “I’m Your Rock Star” is a guitar driven album with a nod to Ted Nugent, Montrose, early April Wine, Y&T, etc, plenty of hot licks and nice melodies. Songs with great big fat grooves that reminds you a time when rock n’ roll really was about wood & metal and amps cranked to 10.

There’s a healthy dirty bluesy thrust to many songs and a scorching guitar that works well up against the more melodic numbers, some adding a gritty acoustic touch.
For the most part on the album, tracks like ‘Do You Want To R&R’, ‘Darkest Part Of My Heart’, ‘Shed That Skin’ (reminds me of a Y&T song), ‘Dirty Wings’ swing and stutter with punch.
‘Shed That Skin’ is a one of the strong slower tunes, a semi-ballad with acaoustics into the mix where an ’empty road’ picture appears.

They close with the title track ‘I’m Your Rock Star’, a melting, in-you-face hard rocker with tons of attitude.
Self-managed and well recorded, this album is to turn you up and listening to it at maximum volume.
Highly Recommended


01 – Do You Want To R&R
02 – Wake Me When It’s Over
03 – Darkest Part Of My Heart
04 – Shed That Skin
05 – What’s Up Girl
06 – Reckon Ball
07 – Just A Bad Day
08 – Dirty Wings
09 – King Of The Scene
10 – S.O.L.
11 – The Sky Is Falling
12 – I’m Your Rock Star

Phil Koubek – Lead Vox, Guitars, Bass
Ty Phillips – Backing Vox, Drums and Percussion
Mike Purcell – Backing Vox, Guitars, Bass



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