McQUEEN STREET – McQueen Street [Japanese Edition] HQ

McQUEEN STREET - McQueen Street [Japanese Edition] HQ full

Also requested here is this rocker from 1991, McQUEEN STREET‘s punchy melodic self-titled debut album, in its Japanese edition. Between 1990-1992 a bunch of quality melodic hard acts released their first album in America with that big production sound – McQUEEN STREET were one of them, with names like Steve Stevens and Jeff Scott Soto involved.
Unfortunately, as happened with all that type of bands, they were dropped by the recording labels after their first LP. It’s a shame, because McQueen Street debut is an awesome disc full of in-your-face, straight-up polished melodic hard rock in the same vein as Skid Row, Baton Rouge, et all.

McQueen Street line-up consisted of Derek Welsh (lead vocals and guitar), Michael Powers (guitars), Richard Hatcher (bass) and Chris Welsh (drums). Vince Neil and Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens was even a guest guitarist on this album, appearing on the track “Two Worlds”, and suggested the overall sound delivery to the band.
Songs such as “Woman In Love”, “Money”, “When I’m In The Mood” and “Two Worlds” are real hot rockers, balanced by the midtempo or semi-ballads like “Time”, “In Heaven” and “Only The Wind.”

Even though McQueen Street were an ‘in-your-face’ styled band, they also knew how to creat some really good atmospheres as well. A lot of bands seem to either play like Skid Row and deliver a powerful punch, or concentrate more on the slower songs. McQueen Street was able to do both, and were very good rocking out and turning down the tempo of the music a bit.

”McQueen Street” is one of those albums that you play in your car with the windows rolled down. This album deserved a hell of a lot more credit than what it got and is definitely worth in your collection.
Highly Recommended


01. When I’m In The Mood
02. Woman In Love
03. Time
04. Money
05. Stick It
06. My Religion
07. Going Back To Mexico
08. In Heaven
09. Two Worlds
10. Only The Wind

Derek Welsh – lead vocals and guitar
Michael Powers – lead guitar and background vocals
Richard Hatcher – bass and background vocals
Chris Welsh – drums, percussion and background vocal
C.J. Vanston – keyboards
Steve Stevens – additional guitar (9)
Jeff Scott Soto – background vocals

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