OMEGA – The Prophet [Digitally Remastered +5] out of print

OMEGA - The Prophet [Digitally Remastered +5] out of print full

As requested, here’s the recent but already sold out reissue of British ’80s act OMEGA, and their only album cult classic 1985’s “The Prophet” fully remastered and including 5 previously unreleased tracks – in fact 6 as there’s a hidden track.
OMEGA was considered part of the NWoBHM scene, however at the time they recorded “The Prophet” the sound & style for the genre had considerably morphed. Many bands from the movement added a more commercial edge, however OMEGA was a different beast.
The first question that arise in your mind after finished listening “The Prophet” for the first time is: “what kind of music is this?”. It is undeniably traditional metal, and it is undeniably good and unique. But there is something about this album that simply eludes easy branding and labeling. Heavy? Epic? Progressive? NWOBHM? Hard Rock?
None of the above really, yet all of them are present, to various extents, in this little forgotten gem.


01 – The Dark
02 – Shadows Of The Past
03 – The Prophet
04 – Yesterday’s Children
05 – Drive Me Crazy
06 – Day Tripper [Beatles cover]
07 – The Child
08 – Summertime [Demo 1983] [bonus track]
09 – Heat Of The Night [Demo 1983] [bonus track]
10 – Abandon Hope [Demo 1983] [bonus track]
11 – Blood Sacrifice [Demo 1983] [bonus track]
12 – The Child [Demo 1983] [bonus track]

Nick Brent – Guitars, Lead Vocals
Dave Robertson – Bass, Vocals
Steve Grainger – Guitars (lead), Keyboards, Vocals
Graham Roberts – Drums


Sold Out

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