CAP OUTRUN – High On Deception (2021)

CAP OUTRUN - High On Deception (2021) full

Frontiers Music are releasing tomorrow the debut full-length album by Swedish rock band CAP OUTRUN. ”High On Deception” is a distinctive record filled with playful time signatures and interesting harmonies, yet never loses its core of strong melodies and an exceptional groove.
CAP OUTRUN was formed in 2007 by renowned Andrée Theander (guitars) and Erik Wiss (keyboards) while they were studying music and sound production in Skara/Skövde. The band released a self-produced EP before going on a hiatus until Andrée and Erik decided to resurrect the band.
Their goal was to develop a sound which could encompass their AOR and Melodic Rock influences with their Progressive influences.
With a line up now featuring impressive American vocalist Chandler Mogel (Outloud), 24-year old prodigy Carl Tudén on drums (ex- Creye), and Linus Abrahamson on bass (ex- Constancia) Cap Outrun are now ready to rock your world.


1 – Crazy Enough
2 – High on Deception
3 – Disaster Mindset
4 – In the Shade of the Masquerade
5 – Shadows on the Wall
6 – Our Brightest Day
7 – My Destination
8 – Run Before We Walk
9 – As Long as You Believe
10 – Dopamine Overflow

Chandler Mogel – Lead vocals
Andrée Theander – Guitars and backing vocals
Linus Abrahamson – Bass
Johan Ludvig Rask, Carl Tudén – Drums and percussion
André Egbo – Keyboards
Erik Gafvelin Wiss – Keyboards and programming
Hugo Lundwall – Bass on ”Run Before We Walk”
Sebastian Freij – Cello on ”Our Brightest Day”


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