VALLEJO – Brothers Brew [Limited Edition +3] (2013)

VALLEJO - Brothers Brew [Limited Edition +3] (2013) full

As requested, here’s some music from VALLEJO, an American rock band founded in the Nineties by three Vallejo brothers: AJ Vallejo (eldest twin), Alex Vallejo (younger twin) & Omar Vallejo (youngest brother). Hailing from Austin, Texas, the band has released 12 full-length albums so far, a very successful and popular act in the area.
Vallejo’s music mix classic rock, rock&pop, a bit of hard rock, funk, and more, also adding some latin percussion to the mix providing a distinctive sound to their music. Think 7Heaven with a twist.
Here’s one of their best albums, ”Brothers Brew”, released in 2012, but this is the limited edition printed in 2013 originally only available at the Vallejo concerts, featuring different artwork, a revamped tracklist and extra tracks.

The three Vallejo brothers – plus band members Bruce Castleberry on guitar and percussionist Alex Geismar, haves toured all over the US and Mexico supporting such acts as Matchbox 20, Stone Temple Pilots, Los Lobos, etc. Vallejo has also had many of their songs featured in national television shows NBC’s Roswell, UPN’s America’s Top Model, MTV’s Jersey Shore and HBO’s True Blood.

Formulaic is a bad word in music. Vallejo avoid that, as their songs are varied, dynamic, funky poppy at places, rocking at others.
Songs like “Take Me Away,” with its Stonesy hitch, exhibits the trademark musical and thematic uplift of the three siblings’ quintet, and whereas rejoinder “Better Days” succumbs to pat anthemics along with “Nothing to Lose,” A.J., Omar and Alejandro Vallejo otherwise make it look and sound simple. Consider “The Money,” a meaty, classic rocker with a special touch, there’s a back-to-back swagger to “Gone”, and an affecting ballad in “With Everyday”.
Highly Recommended


01 – Euphoria
02 – Free
03 – Better Days
04 – Take Me Away
05 – Waiting on You
06 – Running
07 – A Million Reasons
08 – The Money
09 – Gone
10 – Nothing to Lose
11 – Scars
12 – With Everyday
13 – New Again

Vocals, Guitar – AJ Vallejo
Drums – Alex Vallejo
Bass – Omar Vallejo
Guitar – Bruce Castleberry
Percussion – Alex Geismar



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