TRISTAN HARDERS’ TWILIGHT THEATRE – Drifting Into Insanity (2022)

TRISTAN HARDERS' TWILIGHT THEATRE - Drifting Into Insanity (2022) full

Released by the always interesting label Pride & Joy Music, “Drifting Into Insanity“, is the debut album from TRISTAN HARDERS’ TWILIGHT THEATRE, the solo venture by German band Terra Atlantica’s vocalist and guitarist Tristan Harders. The intention behind this project is to fill the void and lack of live concerts which was created by the global pandemic in 2020 and 2021.
Tristan used the obtained free time to finally record the songs that were gathered over the last decade but never put to an appropriate use.
Musically the project is very close to Terra Atlantica’s style of early 2000’s melodic metal with the addition of happy power and melodic hard rock songs, with lots of catchy choruses and choirs, wrapped by a clean, powerful production sound.

”Drifting Into Insanity” is an accessible record with all of the epic choruses, anthemic melodies and support from strings and choir needed to make a complete package. Harders is aided in his project with guest vocals by Tomi Fooler, and guest guitars by Gabriel Tuxen on the track “Save me from Insanity”. The choir work by Robin Kelka and Finn Harders adds a nice touch, giving the album a grander sound.

While many of the songs are rapid melodic metal / power rockers with swirling guitars all over, tracks like ‘Halls of Glory’, ‘When Fairytales are Gone’ and the acoustically filled ‘Between the Battles’ lean into the melodic hard rock territory.
Tristan Harders is very talented, which one would have to be to write, record and sing almost the entire album, then mix and master as well.
Highly Recommended


01 – Entrance
02 – The End
03 – Open the Gates
04 – Rise against the Tyranny
05 – Halls of Glory
06 – Interlude in G# minor
07 – Quest into the Mountains of Steel
08 – When Fairytales are Gone
09 – In the Realms of Memories
10 – Back to Avalon
11 – Save me from Insanity (feat. Gabriel Tuxen)
12 – Between the Battles

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums: Tristan Harders
Additional Choirs: Robin Kelka, Finn Harders
Guest Vocals on ‘Save me from Insanity’: Tomi Fooler
Guitar Solo on ‘Save me from Insanity’: Gabriel Tuxen



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