KLASSIK ’78 – The Unoriginals [Limited CD] (2018) out of print

KLASSIK '78 - The Unoriginals [Limited CD] (2018) out of print full

For many, the ’70s were the best KISS era. The songwriting, the sound, all had ‘that kind of magic’. The guys who created the original band KLASSIK ’78 think the same and decided to do something about it.
Klassik ’78 are a group of musicians focused more about the style and interpretation of KISS rather than making simple covers of existing classics. The band took it upon themselves to write and record a “lost” KISS studio record that could have followed ”Love Gun”.
Imagine Kiss didn’t split to make solo albums or return with a Disco record. Klassik ’78 aimed to create an album from that exact year in that precise alternate universe. The remarkable thing is that they actually succeeded.
Klassik ’78 recorded two EPs released digitally: ‘Side One’, and ‘Side Two’. But due to fans demand, they did a limited CD edition including both EP’s, funnily titled “The Unoriginals”. As requested, here’s the disc sold exclusively at the Atlanta Kiss Expo 2018, now out of print.

The ‘Side One’ has a bangin’ opener: the Paul-styled “Standin’ Tall”. Paul-vocalist “Joe” nails the Starchild’s mannerisms, while the riff mimics that kind that Paul was writing around the time of Rock And Roll Over. A slaying Kiss-like chorus drives it home. Klassik ’78 member “Tom” rolls out a Gene-like song as authentic as the Demon’s long tongue. “Please n’ Tease” is a “Love ‘Em Leave ‘Em” styled sleaze rocker just like Simmons used to write them. There’s even an Ace-y solo that burns like the Spaceman’s rockets.

“Mean Business” definitely nails the Alive II vibe, kind of like a sequel to “Larger Than Life” with a guy who’s doing his best to sound raspy like Peter Criss. Another perfect faux-Frehley solo is the ideal topping.
“Passion & Love” is obviously a “Paul” song, a mirror image of “Mr. Speed” and a nearly perfect vocal. Every “Ooh yeah!” is spot-on. There’s a good chance you could fool any casual fan into thinking “Passion & Love” is an actual lost Kiss song from 1977.

“Rock and Roll You” is another Gene-like vehicle, right in that Kiss pocket. Finally, with a title like “Streetwise”, you’re probably already expecting a track like Ace Frehley. That’s exactly what you get, with a crunchy Ace-like riff, sharp licks, and the same kind of spacey vocals (also by “Tom”).
“I grew up in the city, spent my time on the street.” Every lyric on Side One is crafted to fit the Kiss member it’s for. The attention to detail is remarkable. Certain moments of the “Ace” guitar solo have bits inspired by Frehley’s 1978 solo album.


“Joe” in the Paul Stanley guise opens ”Side Two” with a stunning “World on Fire”. It is in the style of Stanley’s ’78 solo disc, but with the Frehley guitar fills of Kiss instead of Bob Kulick. Time for a “Gene” song next with “Ain’t No Fool”, kinda similar to “Mad Dog” as released on the Box Set.
Another obvious Ace title is “Jendell”; I say “obvious” because hard core fans know that Ace Frehley supposedly comes from planet Jendell. “I was sent on a mission, light years ago. To help the human condition, for how long I didn’t know.” Yep, it’s a “Space Ace” track and a good one at that, once again with tones inspired directly from the Frehley solo album.

Back to Alive II (think “Rockin’ in the USA”), it’s another “Gene” song with “American Made”. The title alone is perfectly Simmons. “I”m American Made, and all my dues have been paid.” In the vibe of “Makin’ Love”, it’s a Stanley-like “Hot On Her Heels” next. Once again, you could easily fool friends into thinking this is actually Kiss.
Closing Side Two is “Victims (Nosferatu)”, implying a Kiss Demon epic. Think “Almost Human” from Love Gun, but with more heft. Klassik kloser…

Klassik ’78 are fantastic doing this KISS fable. The important thing is that these are not just songs that sound exactly like Kiss songs. These are songs that sound exactly like good Kiss songs.
If the Klassik ’78 album was a real Kiss album from 1978, it would be considered one of their best, with the original six. Obviously Kiss have no intention of ever making an album like this, so why not let Klassik ’78 have some fun with it?
Clearly the fans responded, because the limited run of CDs (re-titled The Un-Originals) sold out immediately. And Klassik ’78 are about to release a new CD next month.
Highly Recommended


Side One:
01 – Standing Tall
02 – Please ‘n Tease
03 – Mean Business
04 – Passion & Love
05 – Rock and Roll You
06 – Streetwise

Side Two:
07 – World On Fire
08 – Ain’t No Fool
09 – Jendell
10 – American Made
11 – Hot On Her Heels
12 – Victims (Nosferatu)

out of print

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  1. Ray says:

    This is extremely fun! Wow! It’s too bad KISS didn’t go in this direction in 1978 (instead of the 4 solo, Dynasty, and the much maligned Unmasked). Itwould be awesome to see KLASSIK ’78 live.

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