KLASSIK ’78 – Phantoms (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive*

KLASSIK '78 - Phantoms (2022) full

Few weeks ago we featured in exclusive at 0dayrox the “The Unoriginals” CD by KLASSIK ’78, a group of musicians focused more about the style and interpretation of KISS rather than making simple covers of existing classics. The band took it upon themselves to write and record a “lost” KISS studio record that could have followed ”Love Gun”. While the line up is comprised by renowned metal / hard rock musicians, their identities are hidden (we know ‘Peter Criss’ is Anthrax’s drummer).
Now they are back with ‘new / lost’ KISS songs into a new album titled “Phantoms“, to be released on CD in February. If you liked the previous album, wait to listen to “Phantoms”.
These guys are simply amazing recreating the classic ’78 KISS sound. The vocals are unbelievable – really, very impressive – the guitar and drum sounds are uncannily exact. And they write killer songs too!
‘Whatcha Gonna Do’, ‘Living Fantasy (Tonite)’, ‘Rock N’ Roll Over’… are these unreleased KISS songs? No, these are freshly written by KLASSIK ’78, but dude, all of ’em are pure Seventies KISS.
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01. Show Me Your Love
02. Fever Dreams
03. Smoke & Mirrors
04. Queen of Hearts
05. Whatcha Gonna Do
06. Living Fantasy (Tonite)
07. Walk That Walk
08. Rock N’ Roll Over


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  1. DDT says:

    Blasphemy ! hahaha ( but really, really well done ! )

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