LIONHEART – Second Nature [Remastered re-release + bonus tracks] (2022)

LIONHEART - Second Nature [Remastered re-release + bonus tracks] (2022) full

While working on a new record and now being signed by Metalville Records, Brit melodic rock stalwarts LIONHEART are properly releasing world-wide their comeback album “Second Nature“, remastered and with additional bonus tracks.
Easily one of the best melodic rock albums from 2017 and one of the best from the decade, LIONHEART nailed the true atmosphere from the genre here.
Joining original members guitarists Dennis Stratton & Steve Mann (ex-MSG, Sweet) and bassist Rocky Newton (ex-MSG), there are drummer Clive Edwards (ex-Wild Horses, UFO) and vocalist Lee Small (Phenomena, Shy). Small is an inspired choice as his singing style suits the melodic hard rock on this album perfectly.

And what an album! Chock full of catchy melodious tunes with some real monster songs like ‘Give Me The Light’ and ‘Angels With Dirty Faces’. Both have harmony vocals around the choruses that bring to mind the mighty Sweet.
’30 Years’ fair gallops along like a young thoroughbred, with the guitars firing on all six on this one.

To cool things down a little we have the superb power ballad ‘Every Boy In Town’. The keys add to the big production feel to this one, highlighting again what a great match for the music Lee Small is with his melodic singing.
A surprise is the cover of Chris de Burgh’s ‘Don’t Pay The Ferryman’ and what a corker of a cover it is! They rock this one up. ‘Heartbeat Radio’ is another fine slice of hard rock and features again fast ‘n’ furious guitar solos from Dennis Stratton and Steve Mann.

LionHeart is a Melodic Hard Rock machine, perfectly oiled and while awesomely melodic they have the bite missing in most acts from the genre nowadays. “Second Nature” rocks bigtime, not a duff tune to be heard, as it is high quality classic Melodic Hard Rock from start to finish.
This remaster serve the songs with more punch, especially the rhythm section and vocals
These Lions roar for sure… AWESOME!


01 – Prelude
02 – Give me the Light
03 – Don’t Pay the Ferryman
04 – Angels with Dirty Faces
05 – 30 Years
06 – On Our Way
07 – Second Nature
08 – Prisoner
09 – Every Boy in Town
10 – Time is Watching
11 – Heartbeat Radio
12 – Lionheart
13 – Mary Did You Know (2021 Mix) [Bonus Track]
14 – Paperback Writer [Bonus Track]
15 – Reprise [Bonus Track]

Lee Small (lead vocals)
Dennis Stratton (lead guitar / backing vocals)
Steve Mann (lead guitar / keyboards / backing vocals)
Rocky Newton (bass guitar / backing vocals)
Clive Edwards (drums)


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