DREAM THEATER – Lost Not Forgotten Archives: The Majesty Demos (1985-1986) [2022]

DREAM THEATER - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: The Majesty Demos (1985-1986) [2022] full

Continuing with their ‘Lost Not Forgotten Archives’ series, DREAM THEATER and record label InsideOutMusic are about to release ”Lost Not Forgotten Archives: The Majesty Demos (1985-1986)”, another volume from the virtuosic quintet’s long-standing Ytsejam Records catalogue reissued, alongside some brand-new additions to this special collector’s series.
As part of ‘Lost Not Forgotten Archives’, the entirety of the collection will be reissued on CD, as well as for the very first time on vinyl and digital, with brand new artwork and packaging. The band have also been busy digging into their encyclopedic vault to find some very special, previously unreleased material.
The album features the original demos from Dream Theater’s early days as Majesty in 1985 and 1986, all fully remixed and remastered for this release. A fascinating collection of rare tracks, ‘The Majesty Demos’ captures Dream Theater’s members during their time as students at Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

Don’t be afraid by the too long track list, songs from 11 to 17 a short recordings around the 15 seconds long. It’s a very good splash from the early days of this talented band, with a very good sound quality.
Highly Recommended


The Berklee Demos · 1985-1986
01 – Particle E. Motion (instrumental)
02 – Another Won (instrumental)
03 – The Saurus (instrumental)
04 – Cry for Freedom (instrumental)
05 – The School Song (instrumental)
06 – YYZ (cover version)
07 – The Farandole
08 – Two Far (instrumental)
09 – Anti-Procrastination Song (cover version)
10 – Your Majesty (instrumental)
11 – Solar System Race Song
12 – I’m About to Faint Song
13 – Mosquitos in Harmony Song
14 – John Thinks He’s Randy Song
15 – Mike Thinks He’s Dee Dee Ramone Introducing a Song Song
16 – John Thinks He’s Yngwie Song
17 – Gnos Sdrawkcab

The Majesty Demos · 1986
18 – Another Won
19 – Your Majesty
20 – A Vision
21 – Two Far
22 – Vital Star
23 – March of the Tyrant

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