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Many of you asked for the very hard to find and only remastered version of “A Little Ain’t Enough“, the third full-length studio album by DAVID LEE ROTH released by Friday Music Records.
This underrated, very good album it’s plenty of catchy songs, fun lyrics, party attitude, wild guitar solos and big production.

David Lee Roth’s third solo album “A Little Ain’t Enough” marks something of a turning point in Diamond Dave’s career, and in some ways, represents the end of an era: ’80s glammy hard rock / hair metal.
After the previous album world tour, Steve Vai left Dave’s band (bassist Billy Sheehan had left prior to the tour to form Mr. Big) and Roth had to rebuild the whole thing.
Not an easy task, but he got a stellar fresh line-up with Gregg Bissonette (drums), Matt Bissonette (bass), Brett Tuggle (keyboards) and a young – only 21 years-old – virtuoso guitarist named Jason Becker.

DAVID LEE ROTH - A Little Ain't Enough (Friday Music Remastered) booklet

As everyone knows, Becker was tragically diagnosed with ALS prior to the recording of the album and was unable to tour in support of it. But what a damn killer guitar work he did here.
The Bissonette brothers provided a tight, muscular rhythm section, Tuggle’s playing provided the melodic ivory background, and Becker certainly had the chops to be compared to players like Eddie Van Halen and Vai.
Roth himself still sounds like classic Dave, full of charisma and in control, blissfully unaware of the storm coming out of Seattle that is headed his way.

While many said the album does not contain enough catchiness compared with Roth’s two previous efforts, I think “A Little Ain’t Enough” is his best, most complete and mature recording. The songwriting is as top notch as Roth ever achieved.
This is a slick, meat-and-potatoes collection of ’80s styled Van Halen-esque hard rock, varied and pretty ballsy. A lot of care went into crafting and performing these songs and it shows.
Highlights include the great title track ‘A Lil’ Ain’t Enough’, the brilliant ‘Sensible Shoes’ (I love this song), the bluesy ‘Tell The Truth’, kick ass ‘Drop in the Bucket’ and the excellent mid-tempo rocker ‘Lady Luck’.

DAVID LEE ROTH - A Little Ain't Enough (Friday Music Remastered) back

“A Little Ain’t Enough” is a really good, criminally underrated US hard rock album, as said, in my opinion, the most complete and varied David Lee Roth solo album.
This now out of print Friday Music Records remaster is excellent, capturing a lot of depth missing in the original CD release.
Highly Recommended


01 – A Lil’ Ain’t Enough
02 – Shoot It
03 – Lady Luck
04 – Hammerhead Shark
05 – Tell The Truth
06 – Baby’s On Fire
07 – 40 Below
08 – Sensible Shoes
09 – Last Call
10 – The Dogtown Shuffle
11 – It’s Showtime!
12 – Drop In The Bucket

David Lee Roth – vocals, harmonica, concept
Jason Becker – lead guitar
Steve Hunter – slide guitar, rhythm guitar
Gregg Bissonette – percussion, drums
Matt Bissonette – bass, vocals
Brett Tuggle – keyboards, vocals
Jim McGillveray – percussion
John Webster – add. keyboards
Derry Byrne, Tom Keenlyside, Ian Putz – brass
Marc LaFrance, David Steele – backing vocals


out of print

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