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REFUGEE - Burning From The Inside Out (1987) HQ full

As requested, here’s one of the finest AOR / Melodic Rock albums released in the ’80s from the Canadian factory: REFUGEE‘s ”Burning From The Inside Out”, a piece of work with ‘that special’ sound plenty of awesome melodies, smooth vocals and tinkling keys.
Refugee immediately makes clear their intentions with the band’s acclaimed opening track “Survival in the Western World”. Excellent craftsmanship combined with skilled writing abilities and a fine tuned feeling for emotion, melody and drama, lasting throughout the entire album. Pompous and keyboard driven magic!
We’re talking 1987 here, as if it just passed by. “The Beauty of Pain” and the remarkable pomp rocker “Love Survives” take us further down memory lane. “Lay me Down” is the unmistakable power ballad. Warm and honest, almost timidly piano work and soaring vocal work, slowly building up towards the mighty chorus (goosebumps).

Myles Hunter’s vocals are magnificent, soulful and powerful as is Helm’s keyboard playing which is precise and perfectly timed. Walls of sound which pump up to the max as shown in the following title track. Rob Kennedy’s guitars are fine with great soloing all over, never tilting over the top.
“Survival in the Western World” is by far one of rock’s finest tunes recorded and has survived the test of time with glance.
“Keep the Lion in the Cage” is a short percussion filled tune which showcases Brian Doerner’s great playing. Even though the song is standing out within all this pompous power, it also showcases the other side to Refugee’s qualities. Short, to the point and well timed blooming towards the end.

We almost forget gems such as the keyboard driven “American Dream” with its ear mingling chorus, or the taunting slow mover “Violence”. Guitars propel is in harmony with swirling ominous keys, topped by vocals switching between Hunter and Jones (bass).
Not one weak track spotted, all sheer magic.
Pat Glaser’s powerful and crisp production is furthermore uplifted by an excellent mastering, giving the album the perfect punch to knock you out instantly.

Refugee’s ”Burning from the Inside Out” is without doubt one of the finest AOR / MR albums ever recorded, and proves this with every spin. All falls into place here … pure ’80s gold.


01 – Survival In The Western World
02 – The Beauty Of Pain
03 – Love Survives
04 – Lay Me Down
05 – Burning From The Inside Out
06 – Power
07 – American Dream
08 – Keep The Lion In The Cage
09 – Violence

Myles Hunter – vocals, guitar
Rob Kennedy – vocals, guitar
Martin Jones – bass
Howard Helm – keyboards
Brian Doerner – drums


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  1. RockKen says:

    Could we get some music from “Vallejo”? I picked up a CD from them made in 1996 and see that they have a bunch of newer stuff I would like to hear such as “Greatest Misses” or “Brothers Brew” (2012) and they rock! THANKS!

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