STEVE AUGERI (ex Journey) – A Decade of Singles *Exclusive*

STEVE AUGERI (ex Journey) - A Decade of Singles full

This material was requested here by many of you; all the singles released by STEVE AUGERI during the last decade. While this is a compilation made by the 0dayrox team – titled “A Decade of Singles” – this isn’t exactly a bootleg because all the songs were officially released and Augeri is touring with a show named ‘The Singles‘, presenting all this material plus some classic songs from his years fronting Journey and Tall Stories.
Tall Stories and former Journey singer Steve Augeri was tempted for the vocalist slot by well known Melodic Rock acts since he was fired by Neal Schon & Co., but the man decided to go solo with his Steve Augeri Band. Judging his tour schedule at his website with dozen shows-a-month all over Europe and North America, Steve was right, he writes and plays the music he wants without impositions.

You hear some people in the music business (Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee for instance) saying that they think the age of the ‘album’ is dead and gone, and that releasing odd songs every so often is the way to go.
This is the route Steve Augeri has chosen in recent years; new digital singles from time to time.

Of course many of these songs have a strong Journey imprint recalling his time fronting the famous band, such as ‘Home Again’, ‘For The Rest Of My Life’ or ‘Tin Soldier’, bluesy melodic rockers like ‘Riverside’, and songs with some Tall Stories style on it in ‘Hours in the Day’ (featuring Tyketto’s Brooke St. James on guitar), ‘Faces’ and the sweet, acoustically based ‘Behind the Sun’.
Also there’s “Home This Christmas Time”, recorded by Augeri Band but originally written for Glen Burtnick’s X-Mas Extravaganza.

STEVE AUGERI (ex Journey) - A Decade of Singles - cover

As bonus we have included ‘Spirit Of America’, the song Augeri sung with multi-faceted combo Reign Of Kings in support to Obama’s run for president, and the awesome tune ‘Grace’, composed by Swede Tommy Denander and featuring David Foster, Michael Tompson and Randy Goodrum playing on it.

Steve Augeri owns one of the most distinctive voices from the Melodic Rock / AOR genre, and continues with his penchant for elaborated melodies as solo artist.
An underrated, talented singer that deserves massive recognition worldwide.
Highly Recommended


01 – For The Rest Of My Life
02 – Tin Soldier
03 – In the Moment
04 – Behind the Sun (feat. Tommy DeRossi)
05 – Home Again
06 – Hours in the Day (feat. Brooke St. James)
07 – Rich Man’s World
08 – Photograph
09 – Riverside
10 – Faces
11 – World of Our Own
12 – Home This Christmas Time

Craig Pullman: Keyboards
Fredrik Bergh: Keyboards, Synths
Mike Orlando: Guitar
Sven Larsson: Guitar
Adam Holland: Guitar
Tom DeRossi: Guitar
Brooke St. James: Guitar
Gerard Zappa: Bass Guitar
Michael Morales: Drums
Pontus Engborg: Drums & Percussion
Marge Raymond: BG Vocals
Steve Augeri: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Shakers & Tambourine



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