STEVE PLUNKETT (Autograph) – My Attitude [30th Anniversary Bonus Tracks Version] (2021)

STEVE PLUNKETT (Autograph) - My Attitude [30th Anniversary Bonus Tracks Version] (2021) full

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, last year was reissued STEVE PLUNKETT‘s solo album “My Attitude“, including bonus tracks. Plunkett of course was previously the voice of 80s hair-metal outfit AUTOGRAPH (and the hit ‘Turn Up The Radio’), but the musician is much more than that.
Steve Plunkett a ‘industry guy’; songwriter for countless artists ranging from Vixen and The Go-Gos to Kenny Rogers and Edgar Winter. He’s a successful rock&pop producer as well, including Graham Nash, Jon Secada, Marc Anthony, Cyndi Lauper, and wrote and produced music for over 40 movies including “Gods and Monsters,” “Rock Star” and “Shake Rattle and Roll.”
To make it short: Plunkett perfectly knows how to create a catchy, radiable tune. And that’s what he did for his first solo album “My Attitude”; this is commercial, easy listening melodic rock / AOR/ rock&pop with that late 80s charm.
Sound-wise think Def Leppard style from 1987 to 1992: anthems, layers of sound, and anthemic songs.

Put aside the cover of the 1955 song “Louie Louie” (Steve tried to seduce a wider audience with this single, but it doesn’t work) and the rest of “My Attitude” is golden, over-produced (but we love it!) 80s melodic rock.
‘Every litte word’ is commercial cheesy but so darn catchy, ‘So Mysterious’ sounds like a Def Lep huge single, ‘Heavy Pettin’ makes your foot move, and ‘Think About It’ is killer commercial hard rock for the masses.

Steve Plunkett really know how to pen an infectious song. This is pure late ’80s both in songwriting and production, hooks aplenty guaranteed.
Highly Recommended


01 – Heavy Pettin’
02 – Louie, Louie
03 – Every Little Word
04 – If I Had My Way
05 – Think About It
06 – So Mysterious
07 – My Attitude
08 – You Make Me Bleed
09 – Personality
10 – Flesh And Desire
11 – Dead End Street
12 – When The Tables Turn
13 – Louie, Louie (Club Mix, 12” B-side)
14 – Louie, Louie (Dub, 12” B-side)
15 – Turn Up The Radio (New Version, Edit)
16 – Turn Up The Radio (New Version, Regular)



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