DETECTIVE – It Takes One To Know One [HNE / Cherry Red digitally remastered] HQ

DETECTIVE - It Takes One To Know One [HNE / Cherry Red digitally remastered] HQ full

Few days ago we featured here the self-titled debut by DETECTIVE remastered by Rock Candy. The label didn’t reissued the band’s second LP “It Takes One To Know One“, but Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records did it with a pristine remaster from the original tapes. While released not so long ago, this remastered CD seems out of print now.
Fueled by the phenomenal success of Led Zeppelin, their record label Swan Song didn’t appear to be in a rush to hear the fruits of singer Michael Des Barres’ labours with his new band, who spent a year making their self-titled debut. Evidently taking some inspiration from their new patrons, their first LP carried a dark swagger, with enough punch to make some quarters at least want to believe it was in fact a Zep record in a secret guise.
Having previously been happy to let the band sit on their debut for a year until its 1977 release, their label suddenly wanted a follow-up, and quick. Possibly in an act of too much too soon, “It Takes One To Know One” was released before the end of 1977, a mere six months after their debut. Picking up where the first LP left off, it in fact made a better placing on the US charts, no doubt helped by a heavy touring schedule with the likes of KISS.

”It Takes One To know One” sounds huge. This is the first time this long out of print album has been available outside of Japan, Germany & America. Totally remastered & sounding almost as if this was truly a long-lost Zeppelin album.
Drummer Jon Hyde (ex Hokus Pokus & Monarch) has a sound that’s reminiscent of the legendary, late, John Bonham. Des Barres voice is magnificent with so much grit & raw power in his range.
The guitar work of Michael Monarch (ex Steppenwolf, who recorded the original version of Born To Be Wild) is a stunning player and keeps enough space for bass player Bobby Pickett (ex Sugarloaf) and Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye to compliment each other.

This is classic blues tinged arena hard rock. The music here is loud, slick and radio friendly, perfect for driving to. Overall, “It Takes One To Know One” is more rocking and groovy than Detective’s first.
Opener ‘Help Me Up’ is very catchy, ‘Competition’ sounds a lot like Led Zepp “Physical Graffiti”, ‘Dynamite’ adds a little sass, while ‘Something Beautiful’ even has some progressive touches.
‘Warm Love’ is a strong, classic Seventies hard rock ballad, ‘Betcha Won’t Dance’ rocks with a cool swagger, same on ‘Fever’, a bit more funky. Closer ‘Tear Jerker’ is groovy, with a nice melodic organ line by Kaye and a really Bonham-like drumming.

“It Takes One To Know One” is classic rock, traditional Seventies bluesy hard rock with a lot of Led Zeppelin on it. It rocks, plenty of swagger.
Highly Recommended


01 – Help Me Up
02 – Competition
03 – Are You Talkin’ To Me?
04 – Dynamite
05 – Something Beautiful
06 – Warm Love
07 – Betcha Won’t Dance
08 – Fever
09 – Tear Jerker

Michael Des Barres – lead vocals
Michael Monarch – guitars
Tony Kaye (aka Tony Selvidge) – keyboards
Bobby Pickett – bass, backing vocals
Jon Hyde – drums, backing vocals, percussion


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