SILVERHEAD (Michael Des Barres) – 16 and Savaged [Cherry Red Expanded Edition remastered] (2022)

A year after their successful self-titled debut on Purple Records, SILVERHEAD released their second an final studio effort ”16 and Savaged”. The album cover generated controversy, but the music packed inside dissipated any doubt of Michael Des Barres & Co. talents.
Cherry Red record did a wonderful job remastering the original tapes on this “16 and Savaged [Cherry Red Expanded Edition remastered]” originally released 2016 – as popular demand, now re-press 2022.
This expanded Cd features a wealth of bonus tracks, including live versions of ‘Cartoon Princess’, ‘More Than Your Mouth Can Hold’, Bright Light’, Rock Out Claudette, Rock Out’, the title track plus ‘Hello New York’. Also included is the promo only debut solo 45 from Michael Des Barres, ‘Leon’ b/w ‘New Moon Tonight’.
But most exciting of all is the discovery of two tracks from the shelved 3rd Silverhead LP; ‘James Dean’ and ‘Marilyn’, released here for the very first time…

SILVERHEAD (Michael Des Barres) – Silverhead [Cherry Red Expanded Edition remastered] (2022)

Purple Records was set up in 1971, not just to release Deep Purple’s records from “Machine Head” onwards, but also the various side projects that the band members were developing, and artists that they were discovering and respected.
Purple Records tenth release was from a new band called SILVERHEAD, which featured Blondie bassist Nigel Harrison, future Robert Plant guitarist Robbie Blunt, and fronted by the legendary Michael Des Barres. Their much feted self-titled debut was released by Purple in 1972.
Produced by Martin Birch, famed for him work with Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and of course, Deep Purple, Silverhead’s debut is a mixture of hard rock and glam.
Finally Cherry Red Records did a proper release of ”Silverhead”, an Expanded Edition fully remastered. This definitive version – originally released 2016 and now re-press 2022- includes the 7” single versions of ‘Ace Supreme’ and ‘Rolling With My Baby’, as well as live tracks taken from singer Michael Des Barres’ own collection, and previously only released in Japan.
Fans of Detective and old-school classic rock / glam / hard will fall in love with ”Silverhead [Cherry Red Expanded Edition remastered]”.

DETECTIVE – Live From The Atlantic Studios [Cherry Red / HNE remastered] HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

Few days ago we featured remastered versions of DETECTIVE studio albums, and now, as requested, here’s the band’s rare “Live From The Atlantic Studios“, for the first time officially released and digitally remastered by Cherry Red Record / Hear No Evil. This is a limited edition appeared 2016, now out of print and very expensive.
Fronted by Michael Des Barres, Detective released two studio albums after signing to Led Zeppelin’s own imprint, Swan Song Records. Where Detective really shone was on stage, and this is self-evident on ”Live From The Atlantic Studios”, even before a very small, invited audience, a world away from the enormodomes that the band had been playing in support of their first two LPs as guests of the likes of KISS.
This recording is a ‘Live into the Studio’ so the sound quality is very good, showcasing how good Detective were playing together.
Only at 0dayrox

DETECTIVE – It Takes One To Know One [HNE / Cherry Red digitally remastered] HQ

Few days ago we featured here the self-titled debut by DETECTIVE remastered by Rock Candy. The label didn’t reissued the band’s second LP “It Takes One To Know One“, but Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records did it with a pristine remaster from the original tapes. While released not so long ago, this remastered CD seems out of print now.
Fueled by the phenomenal success of Led Zeppelin, their record label Swan Song didn’t appear to be in a rush to hear the fruits of singer Michael Des Barres’ labours with his new band, who spent a year making their self-titled debut. Evidently taking some inspiration from their new patrons, their first LP carried a dark swagger, with enough punch to make some quarters at least want to believe it was in fact a Zep record in a secret guise.
Having previously been happy to let the band sit on their debut for a year until its 1977 release, their label suddenly wanted a follow-up, and quick. Possibly in an act of too much too soon, “It Takes One To Know One” was released before the end of 1977, a mere six months after their debut. Picking up where the first LP left off, it in fact made a better placing on the US charts, no doubt helped by a heavy touring schedule with the likes of KISS…

DETECTIVE – Detective [Rock Candy Remastered] HQ

As requested, here’s the self titled debut from DETECTIVE, remastered & reloaded by Rock Candy Records some time ago, and not listed at their website anymore (sold out?).
DETECTIVE’s line-up contained an intriguing motley crew of musicians: sometime Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye, original Steppenwolf guitarist Michael Monarch, singer/actor Michael Des Barres (formerly of Silverhead), drummer Jon Hyde (who had played with Monarch in a band called Hocus Pocus), and ex-Sugarloaf bassist Bobby Pickett.
DETECTIVE were championed and signed to Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song label by Jimmy Page, who intended to produce the record. As it turned out, Jimmy’s lifestyle, together with scheduling issues, focused his attentions on other matters, resulting in an album recorded twice and costing in the region of a million dollars. But such was the power of the performance rumors quickly circulated that John Bonham himself had played on the album…