DETECTIVE – Detective [Rock Candy Remastered] HQ

DETECTIVE - Detective [Rock Candy Remastered] HQ full

As requested, here’s the self titled debut from DETECTIVE, remastered & reloaded by Rock Candy Records some time ago, and not listed at their website anymore (sold out?).
DETECTIVE’s line-up contained an intriguing motley crew of musicians: sometime Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye, original Steppenwolf guitarist Michael Monarch, singer/actor Michael Des Barres (formerly of Silverhead), drummer Jon Hyde (who had played with Monarch in a band called Hocus Pocus), and ex-Sugarloaf bassist Bobby Pickett.
DETECTIVE were championed and signed to Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song label by Jimmy Page, who intended to produce the record. As it turned out, Jimmy’s lifestyle, together with scheduling issues, focused his attentions on other matters, resulting in an album recorded twice and costing in the region of a million dollars. But such was the power of the performance rumors quickly circulated that John Bonham himself had played on the album.

It was also suggested that Page had produced the record but under the unlikely pseudonym of Jimmy Robinson. It was easy to see why; the album is a 24 karat master-class in the power and passion of explosive Seventies Hard Rock, featuring mountainous riffs and great, shuffle vocal performances.

Detective’s sound fell somewhere between their Swan Song label-mates Bad Company and Pretty Things, but they never acquired the arena fame of the first or the longevity of the latter.
Their line-up appeared unlikely at first blush, but together they created a slick, unified sound that ranged from crowing blues rockers to stadium-friendly ballads.

Despite friendly encouragement from Jimmy Page and sharp production values, Detective never really hit it big, and the band called it quits after their second studio album. The various band members have moved on in their disparate directions again; Kaye eventually rejoined Yes, Monarch took up country music, and Des Barres continued solo and later joined super-group The Power Station.
Highly Recommended


01 – Recognition
02 – Got Enough Love
03 – Grim Reaper
04 – Nightingale
05 – Detective Man
06 – Ain’t None of Your Business
07 – Deep Down
08 – Wild Hot Summer Nights
09 – One More Heartache

Michael Des Barres – lead vocals
Michael Monarch – guitars
Tony Kaye (aka Tony Selvidge) – keyboards
Bobby Pickett – bass, backing vocals
Jon Hyde – drums, backing vocals, percussion



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