THE LOYAL CHEATERS – Long Run… All Dead! (2022)

THE LOYAL CHEATERS - Long Run... All Dead! (2022) full

Great albums need great songs, and that’s exactly what THE LOYAL CHEATERS deliver on their scorchin’ debut ‘Long Run… All Dead!’. Led by the energetic and soulful female voice of Lena Mcfrison, The Loyal Cheaters howl to their own groove of rough-and-tumble action rock boasting a unique combination of charisma, passion, style and mammoth power-chord roar.
This is classic power-pop hard rockin’ stuff with a lot of Seventies glam on it. To get an idea of this 4-piece musical attack they do a cover of CHEAP TRICK’s classic ‘Surrender’. Yes, they are big fans, however their sound is more edgy, an amp-ed up collision course of growling vocals, crunchy riffs and chugging rhythms all played with a dynamic and ferocious twin-guitar attack.

The Loyal Cheaters flat-out, unleash on ‘Long Run… All Dead!’ sounding like the best kind of Glammy, Power Popped-up, Hard Rockin’ riff-fest mixing elements of The Runaways, Slade, Joan Jett and Cheap Trick.
It’s inspiration not imitation from this energized Rock ‘n Roll wrecking crew as The Loyal Cheaters tear through a strong collection of creativity. It’s fun stuff, rocking all around the 3-minute / song.

Titles like ‘Winners Never Compromise’, ‘No Saturday Nites’, ‘The Devil Side’ or ‘Drama Queen’ are raised on a steady diet of blazin’ Hard Rocking guitars and fueled by a pension for fuzzy early Glam Rock. Throw in a kinetic female lead singer that can really belt it out, and The Loyal Cheaters truly rocks on their high voltage debut “Long Run… All Dead!”.
Highly Recommended


01 – Winners Never Compromise
02 – The Devil Side
03 – Me Myself & I
04 – Big Time Outlaw
05 – Lock Up Your Daughters
06 – No Saturday Nites
07 – Money And Shame
08 – Drama Queen
09 – Surrender [Cheap Trick cover]
10 – (Why Should I) Share My Wine

Lena McFrison: Vocals, guitar
Max Colliva: Guitar, backing vocals
Tommy Manni: Bass, backing vocals
Richie Raggini: Drums



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  1. David says:

    Lock Up Your Daughters is a cover too….. Slade (I think!)

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