SWEET CRYSTAL – 7th Heaven +1 (2022)

SWEET CRYSTAL - 7th Heaven +1 (2022) full

If there is a pioneer CCM Melodic Rock / AOR act from the emerging US scene in the early 80s, that is SWEET CRYSTAL without a doubt. Always in the self-managed mode, these veterans never stop playing during the last forty years, and releasing new music.
This Detroit Music Award-winning rock band have been regularly releasing singles every three months or so, and after reaching a good amount of songs they are presenting “7th Heaven“, their new album.
Featuring performances by special guests Peggy Turner-Carr, David Perez, and David Winans II, this seventh release by the band (thus the title) contains timeless songs with melodic rock feeling and an uplifting message.


01 – The Other Side Of Calvary
02 – Let The Day Begin
03 – When I Tell You I Love You
04 – Soldiers Of The Crown
05 – Heaven’s Call
06 – Angel My Love
07 – Checkmate
08 – Heaven’s Call (Instrumental Mix) [Bonus]

Marq Andrew Speck – lead vocals, anything with keys
Bill Blatter –vocals, anything with strings
Steve Wieser – anything hit with sticks
Martin Kuchar – vocals, bass and mo’ bass
Peggy Turner-Carr (Vocal 5)
David Winans II (Vocals 5, 6; Cello 6)
David Perez (Lead Vocal 6)
Jack Kemski (Vocals, Bass 7)



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