COBRA – Live Bite! November 27, 1983, Memphis (KBFH radio vinyl LP) *0dayrox Exclusive*

COBRA - Live Bite! November 27, 1983, Memphis (KBFH radio vinyl LP) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

And to complete the COBRA / Jimi Jamison saga here we go with the band’s concert in Memphis while presenting their debut LP First Bite. This is a recording for radio broadcast pretty common move for band’s promotion at the time.
Into the Live Bite! set-list we find songs never recorded into the studio by COBRA – and some which become hits for others, like MSG (Schenker), or VAN ZANT.
While there’s a bootleg of this show floating the internet, it’s with cuts and not in this quality sound: this is taken from the vinyl LP pressed for the broadcast. Usually only few were made, not for sale.
A collectors item, Only at 0dayrox


COBRA Live, 1983 / Setlist:
01 Let The Thunder Roll
02 We’re Gonna Rock You Tonight
03 Thorn In Your Flesh
04 I’m A Fighter
05 On And On
06 Ready To Ride
07 Danger Zone
08 Fallen Angel
09 First Strike
10 Wheels Of Fire
11 Travelin’ Man
12 Looking At You
13 Beware Of The Fire
14 Blood On Your Money
15 Guitar Solo
16 Only You Can Rock Me
17 Midnight Machine

Jimi Jamison (Survivor / Target) vocals
Mandy Meyer (Krokus / Asia / Gotthard) guitar
Jack Holder (Jimmy Davis & Junction) guitar
Tommy Keiser (Krokus / Craaft) bass
Jeff Klaven (Krokus / Amapage / Warrant) drums


not for sale

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