NAKED GYPSY QUEENS – Georgiana (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive*

NAKED GYPSY QUEENS - Georgiana (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Staking their claim as the new heavyweights of rock & roll’s modern-day renaissance, the Tennessee quartet NAKED GYPSY QUEENS are releasing today “Georgiana“, their debut work with Mascot Records. Rooted in amplified blues, hard-charging grooves, and dual lead guitars, the band builds upon the larger-than-life sound of their heroes from the ’70s / ’80s, keeping the flame burning for old-school hard rock while using their own 21st century fuel.
NAKED GYPSY QUEENS is one of the best new classic bluesy hard rock band that the 0dayrox team as a whole has hear in many years, and while we never rate albums, we make an exception here and “Georgiana” deserves a 10/10. It’s that good!

“Down With The Devil” has a real down and dirty feel to it; gritty riffs traded off between guitarists Attigliato and Pickering backed up by a thunderous drum beat, a crushing solo towards the end of the track really tops it off, these guys mean serious business.
Title track “Georgiana” is packed with groovy riffs interspersed with some cool slide guitar and a wicked solo; a kicking drum and bass beat with Attigliato’s amazing vocals belying his young age, this all-round perfection.

“Strawberry Blonde #24” opens with a Southern twang that builds from there with some great riffs and a thumping bass line, Attigliato’s singing is outstanding while the guitar is off the hook, a seriously catchy tune.
“Wolves” for me is probably the best track on the album, a slow languid down-tuned bluesy affair with a heavy drum beat, funky riffs, an unbelievable solo that is all topped off by Attigliato’s killer voice, a stunning performance that show what these guys are capable.
The closing track “If Your Name Is New York (Then Mine’s Amsterdam)” is a bluesy ballad, heavy on acoustic guitar and soulful vocals, a nice way to finish off the ep.

As extra we added Naked Gypsy Queens self-titled, self-released album recorded three years ago, just to taste more of this terrific band and appreciate how mach they evolved in a short time period.

This is a cracking debut from a band that are musically more mature than their years suggest. It’s pure classic rock / hard rock with meat & potato, the way it should be done.


Georgiana (2022):
01 – Down To The Devil
02 – Georgiana
03 – Strawberry Blonde #24
04 – Wolves
05 – If Your Name is New York (Then Mine’s Amsterdam)
06 – Marmalade [Bonus Track]

Naked Gypsy Queens (2018):
01 – Daybreaker
02 – Kill for a Woman
03 – Black Cat Blues
04 – Making My Way
05 – Rosie
06 – Secret Valley
07 – God Ain’t Proud
08 – Mary Lou

Chris Attigliato – Vocals/Guitars
Cade Pickering – Guitars
Landon Herring – Drums
Bo Howard – Bass



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