DEGREED – Are You Ready (2022)

DEGREED - Are You Ready (2022) full

Swedish melodic rockers DEGREED are ‘ready’ for release their sixth studio album, “Are You Ready”. ”I can’t believe we’re about to release our sixth studio album. I am so proud of this band and I am very humbled that we are still around. And what could fit more perfectly than to release this album with Frontiers? The leading company when it comes to melodic rock and hard rock”, says vocalist Robin Eriksson.
At first listen, this new record indeed shows a more straightforward and focused direction for the band’s sound. Still extremely melodic and catchy, and not without some really outstanding instrumental parts, Degreed is back stronger than ever and with a great management and record label supporting them, they’ve never been more ready to take on the world.

Degreed have been releasing critically acclaimed music since the start of their career with their first album “Life, Love, Loss” in 2010. Over the course of their next four studio albums, the band has gone from strength to strength with every release, touring and gaining fans all over the world and they have no plans on stopping now.
Degreed’s sound mixes the classic melodic and hard rock sounds with more contemporary influences offering the fans a very personal, fresh and exciting mix of great rock music.


01 – Into the Fire
02 – Higher
03 – Feed the Lie
04 – Radio
05 – Are You Ready
06 – Burning
07 – Falling Down
08 – Lost in Paradise
09 – Turn Back
10 – We Will Win
11 – Desire

Robin Eriksson
Mats Eriksson
Mikael Blanc
Daniel Johansson


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