CAST OF SHADOWS – Face The Time (1993)

CAST OF SHADOWS - Face The Time (1993) full

As requested, here’s the quite rare and unknown album for AOR fans, 1993’s ”Face The Time” by CAST OF SHADOWS, a studio project formed by famed Canadian record producer, engineer and mixer Mike Fraser.
Despite of being released 1993, most of the songs on this album were recorded in the ’80, and while uncredited, renowned top session musicians were involved to create this wonderful slice of elegant AOR.
”Face The Time” sound orientation and style is fantastic, from SURVIVOR, JOURNEY or BOULEVARD to ICEHOUSE, GLASS TIGER or BENJAMIN ORR. ‘Cryin’ in the Rain’, ‘Street Magic’, title track, ‘Lifeline’, the ballad ‘Love Beyond Our Needs’, etc, are amazing melodic tunes filled with smooth vocals, keyboard splashes and refined guitars.
This is AOR magic folks… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


01 – Street Magic
02 – Face the Time
03 – Drugstore Novels
04 – Cryin’ in the Rain
05 – Remember
06 – Reach Beyond the Past
07 – Lifeline
08 – Silent Rage
09 – Breakaway
10 – Love Beyond Our Needs
11 – The Reunion
12 – Reach Beyond the Past (Remix)

Mike Fraser – vocals, bass, keyboards
Andy Defaria – guitar
Scott Dinn – drums


out of print

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