TIME HORIZON – Power Of Three (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive*

TIME HORIZON - Power Of Three (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Northern California proggy AORsters TIME HORIZON are back with new music in seven years in the form of new album ”Power Of Three”. The genesis of the band started in the mid-90’s when keyboardist Ralph Otteson were mixing some demos and meet other studio musicians. They wrote music together and performed throughout the Central Valley of California until recording and releasing its debut in 2011.
The aptly titled ”Power Of Three” is TIME HORIZON’s third effort, where the band maintains its affinity for delectable light progressive rock pieces but equally joined with melodic hard rock and AOR tincturing. Michael Sadler of SAGA appears as guest, and give an idea of this album sound & style.

While proggy, the band is not afraid to truncate its songwriting and deliver a song in more traditional four to five minute territory with commercial appeal.Power Of Three opens to a pair of quintessential progressive rockers in “Living For A Better Day” and “Here, I See”. Former is album’s lengthiest at eight minutes, resonating of the pristine with its sleek joining of crisp guitar and classy keyboards but interwoven with a thick bass driven groove foundation. The melodic ‘miles and miles away, waiting for a better day’ refrain gives prominence to those AOR elements in question.

“Here, I See” maintains the AOR leanings within a progressive framework primarily keyboard driven, with echoing keyboards dancing between the left and right channels ahead of Mau taking over with his smooth classic tenor vocal delivery to lead the way to the elegant refrain in which the group’s wondrous harmonies hold sway. Rhythm guitar makes its presence felt briefly at the mid-point and lead guitar for the instrumental run to close.

“Prelude”, a short (two and half minute) instrumental carried by organ, swirling lead guitar and keyboards, gives way to “The Razor’s Edge”. What we have is one of albums heaviest, with full on rhythm guitars bordering on hard rock allying with scintillating vocal melodies and Eighties style hooks to set an inspiring radio friendly tone.
Yes, “The Razor’s Edge” finds Time Horizon backing from its progressive ways but also proves no less notable as an essential deep cut.

“Steve’s Song” was written in tribute to former Time Horizon bassist Steve Gourley, gently hovers to buoyant keyboards, piano and deliberate bass. Keyboard footing carries over to “Time To Wonder Why”, an elegant AOR ballad resonating of majestic melody, affluent vocals and stately demeanor. Again, this is another quality example of Time Horizon successfully taking a non-progressive songwriting stance.

Now we have an arena hard rocker in “The Great Divide”. Charging guitars and pounding drums jump-start at once, soon joined by organ and keyboards with the allotment coalescing for a lucid feel (albums transparent production separates in this regard). The heavier rocking proclivity that carries to the earthy and gritty verse sections and anthem-like refrain to see organ manifest to the front of the mix cannot help but bring to mind Sweden’s Modest Attraction.

Album closes in strong progressive fashion with “Digital Us”, a song of how technology enhances our lives but also binds it. Flowing keyboards to start with animated bass, slow and dreamy – almost drifting in an ethereal sense – until a slight rhythm guitar edge cuts in to bolster the adulatory refrain. Several instrumental runs present, including first to highlight Gregory’s bold lead guitar and second driven grandly by rhythm guitar and feedback underlined by ‘digitized’ narration.

The AOR infused progressive rock sound to third Time Horizon album ”Power Of Three” finds the group in top form. All the needed ingredients are at hand: top-notch musicianship and vocals inherent to the progressive genre, lush production and eye catching cover art.
Yes, the group stretches and reveals its lengthy song structuring and time signature driven licks and chops but is also not afraid to condense its songwriting in a heavier rocking or ballad formula.
Highly Recommended

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1 – Living for a Better Day
2 – I Hear I See
3 – Prelude
4 – The Razor’s Edge
5 – Steve’s Song
6 – Time to Wonder Why
7 – The Great Divide
8 – Digital Us

Ralph Otteson: Keyboards, Piano, Hammond, and support vocals
Bruce Gaetke: Drums, support vocals, lead on 4
Allen White: Electric fretted and fretless bass guitars
Dave Miller: Electric and acoustic guitars
Michael Gregory: electric lead guitar and acoustic guitars
David Bradley Mau : lead vocals



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