BRIAN ISLAND – Looking Back (2020) *0dayrox Exclusive*

BRIAN ISLAND - Looking Back (2020) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Alongside the 1989 remastered reissue of BRIAN ISLAND‘s first album featured here today, we have in exclusive the musician recent album “Looking Back“, his first in twenty years after Brian Island’s departure from recording and performing pop-rock music.
A properly titled CD as this retrospective solo album including songs when he was young and still not professional, and others penned all over his career but never recorded.
Island (real name Brian Cowieson) was part of many bands such as Bootleg, Prototype IO, and after several years playing and working as a studio vocal arranger / bass player he released a self titled solo album in 1989.
Now, after two decades, “Looking Back” showcases an artist taking a look from his early years to current day. It’s the kind of singer-songwriter material with a classic rock sound, timeless enjoyable tunes.
Highly Recommended


01 – Beyond My Reach
02 – Turn Back Time
03 – Running Into The Night
04 – William
05 – I Was Your Man
06 – So Fine
07 – Home
08 – You’ll Be Free
09 – Until Your Breath Is Gone

Brian Cowieson – lead & backing vocals, bass
Brad Seckel – guitars, percussion
Jeff Bradshaw – guitar
Andrezj Ryszka – drums
Raelene Spenst – backing vocals



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