THE KARMA EFFECT – The Karma Effect (2022)

THE KARMA EFFECT - The Karma Effect (2022) full

London’s classic, vintage rock powerhouse THE KARMA EFFECT are releasing today their debut self-titled album. Formed at the start of the Covid pandemic buy a bunch of long-time school hood friends and musical acquaintances, The Karma Effect, are a 21st Century take on a classic arena rock, roll n’ soul sound; big on keys, guitar riffs and huge vocal melody, all combining into a grandiose sonic soundscape that draws upon the best of yesteryear.
Opener ‘Steal Your Heart’ epitomises this philosophy: a no-nonsense throwback, encapsulating the energy of good time Aerosmith-like arena, true rock n’ roll, brought bang up to date. Led by singer Henry Gottelier, the band have captured the same goodtime feel that has made Thunder the British institution they are, mixing it with the bluesy tinges of The Black Crowes to great effect.

The band bring the funk with the stuttering swagger of ‘Doubt She’s Coming Back’, the female backing vocals and deep groove provided by drummer Ask Powell and the bass of Liam Quinn adding up to a quietly assured monster.
‘Mercy’ follows in quality fashion in all its Bad Company glory, before ‘Stand’ begins with a Faces type twinkling intro and then transforms into a gospel infused powerhouse of a song complete with fine Scott Emmins keyboards and a glorious vocal from singer Henry Gottelier.

Heating up again, a barnstorming ‘Wrong Again’ tears the roof off and hard rocking ‘The River’ and effortlessly cool funky ‘Testify’ slam the point home.
It’s just down to the slow burning and slinky ‘Save Me’ to seal the deal, it’s cascading keys and heartfelt vocals finishing the record with another emotional high.

Whilst the band wear their influences proudly, they are far from simply travelling down a well-trodden path and their songs have the distinction of drawing on those influences, retaining the atmosphere whilst still making them their own. It’s a fine line but they don’t cross or exceed it at all and that is in itself something to be admired.

The Karma Effect are a tight unit throughout; with Robbie Blake’s guitar adding subtle nuances without the need to be showy or provide us with unnecessary lengthy solos, and Gottelier is in impressive vocal form on every song.
Production is crisp and clear even allowing for the fact that a lot of it was done online, it has a lot more clarity than many I’ve heard of late and definitely allows the songs to showcase themselves.
Considering the band have only been together for less than two years, theirs is a remarkable assurance and this classy and soulful first album points to a very bright future indeed.
Highly Recommended


01. Steal Your Heart
02. Doubt She’s Coming Back
03. Mercy
04. Stand
05. Wrong Again
06. The River
07. Testify
08. Save Me

Henry Gottelier – guitar, vocals
Robbie Blake – guitar
Liam Quinn – bass
Seb Emmins – keyboards
Ash Powell – drums


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