DRIVE SHE SAID – Real Life [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]

DRIVE SHE SAID - Real Life [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered] (2018) full

DRIVE SHE SAID founder and main songwriter Mark Mangold has Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered the band’s 4th album “Real Life”, as according to him these songs needed a refresh. Released via Escape Music, the results on “Real Life [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]” are excellent.
If you are reading this blog, DRIVE SHE SAID needs no introduction… it’s simply one of the greatest AOR / Melodic Rock bands in history.

Mangold, a renowned keyboardist, and his creative partner in Drive, She said, the amazing singer/multi-instrumentalist Al Fritsch, met in 1988 and started writing and paving the way for their acclaimed first album Drive, She Said on Columbia records. The band toured extensively, playing with such bands as FM, UFO and others, and performing at numerous Festivals.

After two more celebrated albums, in 2003 Mark & Al joined with drummer Jonathan Mover (Joe Satriani) to create the album “Real Life”.
According to Mangold, “When we started as a band it was important to carve out an original sound, and hopefully also have a hit. We have always wanted to make our music totally over the top!
One of the favorite records we ever did is “Real Life” but the original release never sounded the way we wanted it to.

He adds: “It has the walls of vocals, the musicianship, and anthemic songs we enjoyed doing and I am ecstatic that we were now able to remix and release it the way it was meant to be.
I am also happy that Al’s legacy is preserved as to listen to this record is to be surrounded by Al Fritch’s voice, playing and energy.”

DRIVE SHE SAID - Real Life [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered] (2018) back

The original release of “Real Life” suffered from a slightly muddy mix. Now this 2018 Remix / Remaster really improves the brilliance of these tunes.
The awesome title track ‘Real Life’, the AOR gold of ‘Stronger’, power ballad ‘We Live for Love’, the melodic rocker ‘Whats It Gonna Take’, the Toto-like midtempo ‘Believe’, all are little pearls from the genre you must own.
Hands down… A MUST HAVE


01 – Real Life [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]
02 – Stronger [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]
03 – We Live for Love [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]
04 – Whats It Gonna Take [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]
05 – Silver White [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]
06 – Overdrive [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]
07 – Find Your Place [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]
08 – All Your Heart [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]
09 – Hold Me [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]
10 – When Will It Be Love [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]
11 – How Can I Be Sure [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]
12 – Always and Forever (Godz) [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]
13 – Believe [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered]

Al Fritsch – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Mark Mangold – Keyboards, Background Vocals
Jonathan Mover – Drums



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